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Meditation: prajna contemplation with all beings

There are a number of ways to approach prajna. Fundamentally, they all boil down to voidness thus infinitude and to the mandala of infinite possibilities expressing right now. Each leads to the other, thus to the sublime and present emptiness … Continue reading

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Meditation: intimate nondual

Intimacy. Union. We experience nonduality when in these states. In other words, our subjectivity and our in-the-moment experience of an object are merged. Subjectivity and objectivity are in union due to the intimacy of the experienced moment, like the bee … Continue reading

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Non-deceptive 6: Maitreya and humanity

When Buddha Maitreya comes to this world-system, humanity will have matured into a species of loving-kindness. There will be no violence, covetousness, aggression or greed of any kind expressing through the human psyche or the human collective. Animals will not … Continue reading

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non-deceptive 5: intrinsically awake

“If enlightenment exists apart from meditation, how can meditation reveal it? If it is ineffable, how may it be discussed? The whole world is enslaved by concepts, and no one recognizes their essential nature.” Saraha, 8th century *1 ******** “It … Continue reading

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Non-deceptive 4: we go round and round

Let me be upfront: I love the BuddhaDharma. It comprises the majority of my day and night. It is my practice, entertainment, enjoyment, and that which constantly helps me be non-deceiving with myself, non-deceptive about anything in any moment. At … Continue reading

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