Meditation: joy 6, heart field

People have been meditating on and with the heart forever. What it is, if anything can energetically be defined, is presented in a variety of ways through the traditions of contemplation and meditation in the world and human history. To the Original Peoples of the world, the heart is the supreme medicine, that which unites, connects, and heals because it is the Source. Heart and its field of emanating influence is ever wise and a sign of a wise one.

To the mystics of the world, heart is the keyhole of devotion, surrender, ecstatic heights and depths. To them, heart is an ocean of Love into which one resolves in order to be reborn freshly, completely.

To the artists of the world, from the most ancient, through the classical periods, up to today’s music and dance, visual presentations and poetry, heart is movement toward Truth and into a great Unknown, which at the same time is completely resonant and profoundly known.

We meditate with the heart within our cycle on Joy.

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