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Meditation: Awareness is benevolent

Please listen to this podcast and its meditation. Awareness is whole-istic, unitive. Awareness is benevolent.

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Plentiful. Wishing it into the world.

The garden is coming into peak harvest here in Jaroso, CO, for everything except tomatoes. Lots of green fruit slowly changing color, though! Here are couple recipes created on the fly and now keepers. Gluten-free, vegetarian, yummy. Quinoa Tabouleh: makes … Continue reading

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Random garden joy

  These random garden moments include earlier in the season. I live at 7800 ft. elevation. The growing season is generally less than 90 days; sometimes 70  from snow/frost to snow/frost. I moved here in the Autumn of 2018. Each … Continue reading

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I love talking to baby plants, love turning them and seeing their growth. I love experimenting with gardening, playing with every aspect of it. And, because my body has MS and is handicapped, it’s plain fun to see what can … Continue reading

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Spring – little by little

Indoor starting of vegetable and herb plants is underway. Yesterday, I set 15 different types of seeds germinating. The method of using an organic cellulose compostable mat in a growing tray was used again. Cover it to mimic the darkness … Continue reading

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