Tantra as a Path

Interconnectedness, interdependence, inter-being, these are the constant and ever unfolding realizations of the tantric path. Everything, everyone, every moment, the seen and unseen, the perceived and not yet so, that which we are aware of and our ignorance are all interwoven. Our life, interests and avoidances are the fabric of reality that is Our reality, and that is merely a thread in the tapestry of All reality. This understanding, exploration, and constant sense of awesome discovery is the tantric path. This is the path I tread, discuss with others, and am blown away by everyday. The dynamic, wondrous, simple fact of inter-being calls me to awakeness, and I do my best to respond. “Notice the usually not noticed,” I often say in the free online Morning Meditations. This is the tantric path.

(The Practice of Living Awareness is a modern tantric meditation practice. It is FREE online everyday, and podcasts are available FREE as well.)

Your thoughts??

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