What is important about a Full Moon?

The Tibetan master, DK, tells us that the full moon cycle is a five-day period: two days before, the day of the full moon, and two days following. Aligning with this, many people increase their meditations for the five days. But, why?  Because of the lunar cycle itself.

The moon remains in each sign for approximately two and a half days. As a result, at some point within two days before the full moon, the moon will transit into the sign opposite the Sun and actualize both the lunar and solar poles of energy. The full range of the Sun sign  is conveyed in complementarity with the qualities of its polar opposite, the sign of the Moon. When these two are in direct relation, their dynamic energies are available for creative and distributive work. This is the reason why the full moon can be a specific time of service.

Likewise, within the following two days, the moon will transit into the next sign of the zodiac. Doing so, the energy of the next sign will become the way by which the work of light is sealed each full moon cycle. In this context, sealed means kept true, inviolate, as well as kept potent. In other words, the outpouring of the energies used in lighted telepathic service needs a beginning, middle, and completion each full moon cycle. To leave the energies open-ended would dissipate the potency of that which was invoked and distributed into the telepathic currents of world consciousness. This idea is similar to the Masonic ritual of “the tiler at the door.” He or she ensures that nothing is allowed into the lodge that might adulterate the invocative process as well as releases the workers and the energetic Work through a factual completion. The lunar sign that follows the full moon is of the same masculine or feminine energy as the lunar sign just before the full moon. This is like one door, its opening  and then its closing.

crescent moonThe Moon
The front side of the full moon cycle is a time of waxing, a gathering of the specific energy qualities available into the Moon’s capacity to receive and hold. The Moon is a container always being filled and emptied of qualities streaming from the Sun which is the source of the Moon’s light and expression. This reciprocating manifestation is one of the Moon’s role in our solar system – it is a bowl, empty and waiting to be filled. The tides of the sea mirror this quality of the moon.  The tides flow in, filling tidal pools and shorelines (space) with water and life force and then  the tide rolls out, leaving the land dry and naked to the sun. This repeats itself over and over as the tide floods and fills, empties and reveals.

The waxing of the Moon, particularly the two days before the exact full moon time, is the opportunity for maximizing. Those two days are the most full of the Sun’s offerings conveyed through the particular qualities of the expressing Sun sign. The full moon cycle teaches us to use what is available – to be as the Moon is: empty by nature yet being filled with the light and qualities of the Sun. Then, the work of distribution is possible. Energetically, it is a spiritualizing of matter, a making Earth a heaven.

The relationship created at each full moon between the Sun and Moon is magical. It provides an opportunity for those interested to be conduits within the geometry of solar intention and lunar manifestation. The sublime always requires the dense for its revelation. People who participate in full moon meditations and prayer circles around the world assist in the fostering of Goodness and Light. Yet, a fuller understanding of the energetics of this magical work will increase the light.

cosmic awareness 2White magic is the conscious use of qualified energy for divine purposes in time-space. Each zodiacal sign offers specifically qualified energies pouring forth into the planet through the sun, through the ruling planets, and streaming across the heavens from the sourcing constellations. Our task as co-workers in the world is simple: to avail ourselves as does the moon of the spiritualizing energies.

The empty and receptive moon is ready to be filled. A white magician is a co-working mediator of the Plan and is also empty of the not-self so as to be fully free to wax with and distribute qualities. Like the moon, the world server is ruled by a greater plan. The moon reflects, having no light of its own. The server reflects the light of God through the work.

The Full Moon Festivals
The Tibetan tells us that the New World Religion will be keyed to the lunar cycle. Religions and spiritual festivals always have been timed in this way. Ancient religions had the apparent cycles of the sun, moon, stars, and nature to mark the majesty and power of deity. Earth-based rituals moved to the cycles of the celestial orbs due to their obvious effect and influence on life.

The Pisces new moon sets the date for Ash Wednesday. Pisces, a sign of the Savior, is also a sign of negation, of “losing oneself and finding oneself and entering into peace.” Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, a purging and purification of the body so the Light of Christ, “the hope of glory,” can dwell within. This is highest Pisces, thus making the disciple a savior in his small sphere of influence in the world and to the lower kingdoms.

The full moon of Aries marks Passover which sets the date for Easter. The Bible tells us that it was by the light of the moon that the angel of death ‘passed over’ the children of Israel whose doorposts were painted with the blood of the sacrificed lamb. Instead, the Finger of God took the life breath from the children of Egypt, and Pharaoh had to “let the people go.” Aries is a sign of freedom, liberation, breaking free from imprisoning walls, be they the seeds in Spring, children at birth, or imprisoning thought forms. Christ then, anchored the higher turn of the spiral of Aries. He released humanity from the Mars rulership of animal sacrifice and blood spilling into the teachings of the mind – Mercury ruling esoterically, where we learn to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” All matters can be redeemed and are by the Christ principle, the alchemical agent. The principle of light enters into the tomb of matter and “lifts all unto Him.” Hence with the hierarchical rulership of Uranus all is made brand new and resurrected (“behold I maketh all things new”).

Interestingly, the Christian calendar does not have a significant holy day for the Taurus moon, as do some Buddhists sects. Bailey students know its significance as Wesak. During this festival the two Sons of God, the Buddha and the Christ, work together to bring the Light of the Heart-Mind of the Logos to the kingdoms of earth. Illumination meets manifestation.

Pentecost follows; and is marked and set by the Gemini full moon. At Pentecost the apostles received the living fire of conscious life, dropped as tongues of fire into their crown chakras, forever aligning their personal will to the greater will of which they were a part. It gave them the gift of understanding and the ability to convey the “good news” in ways intelligible and appropriate to the listeners in any language or culture. Gemini is the sign of communication, of rendering thought, and broadcasting it as flower petals on the winds of change. We celebrate this with the Good Will Festival as we, in deep meditation, distribute out to a waiting world the edicts and annunciations received and gifted at Wesak.

creatingyourlightbody2The Full Moon offers a type of service so sublime and so easy. Disciples in the world are given the right energies to work with, the right way to handle it, and then with the tides of the moon, the right way to do so. We merely need to be as is the moon, empty so that we can be filled.

Originally Published in the Beacon Magazine in 2001

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  1. Thank you for such an informative post! The Indian celebration of Holi is also a full moon celebration for Spring (next week’s full moon). Namaste!

  2. In India ( our calander is lunar determining all festivals accordingly, including birth charts), every Full Moon ( Pornima or poonam) is auspicious with two festivals falling on them – holi (burning of evil ) and rakhi – sisters tie amulets for protection on brother’s wrists as reminders of their duty to them – Two of india’s great spiritual masters were born on on the ful moon – the buddha and Nanak (Sikhism) – every poonam is special for some reason or other – the most special poonam arrives in august – september after the rains and iit is the holiest because the air then is said to be reverberating with purity – on that sharad poornima poeple are advised to keep out at night a wide open dish filled with milk to soak up its radiation and the following day all drink this to be rid of disease and to benefit materially and spiritually. No moons are generally ominous except the one around november when india celebrates its festival of lights on that darkest night dispelling all evil.

    • Thank you, Indrajit. I knew of the Buddha’s birth and the full moon but not of Nanak. Can you suggest a book that might give the essences of all of the Indian lunar celebrations? I’d love to know more and relate those essences to other traditions. Your response is quite informative. Thanks again!

      • All Indian festivals and birth days etc are according to the lunar calandar – so that means – all – we get to know the annual dates from the almanac published in every city called the Panchang – looks like calculations by NASA!!
        All indian astrologers many of whom are temple priests – for charting births – marriages, important inaugurations, times for prayer – mind boggling detail – everyone employs high and low in India – rely on the Almanacs for their calculations – this land is believe me obsessed with the stars – cause as u probably know hinduism is perhaps the only religion which sanctions astrology as a part of its activity – therefore the priest has to be well versed if he has to discharge his religious duties – i really dont know of any one book in English but if you go to the internet u r bound to find many. Namaste

        • To be obsessed with the stars is to be in the excellent company of the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, among rare others. All I know is that an alignment with the stars is to orient oneself to the light and to great qualities of energy streaming from them. Good company indeed! Thank you again. Namaste!

          • a book i have written which explains this obsession is called Stellar India – its still on a shelf – for 2 years after retirement i researched the subject that moves indians night and day – like, on saturdays at crossroads you have urchins coming to your car with a can full of mustard oil with an image imersed in it – shani Dev or saturn – to ward off his malevolent gaze – so you pop a coin in the mustard oil – lol – things like that daily all the the time in india – on no moon days no workers turn up to build your house – amavasya – no moon sabbath for them – wierd – i put it all together – could send you the mss – probably we could publish it together? think of it. and i found that saturn is not malevolent at all – he merely makes you work out your negative karma – and so on – wow

  3. i forgot to add – thanks for your very well researched and perceptive post on the full moon!

  4. Wonderful post, very illuminating. How incredible: I had just been looking for information about esoteric astrology when I found your blog.

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