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Here are some books that I recently enjoyed reading.

Wild Awakenings by Dzogchen Ponlop
The subtitle of this book is “the heart of Mahamudra and Dzogchen,” which pretty well sums it up. This Tibetan tantric master has lived in the USA for much of his life, New York City no less. As such he writes with common language, modern examples, and opens the otherwise cryptic language and principles of both Mahamudra and Dzogchen to those initiated and uninitiated into those lineages. I love this book.

Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock
This is a tried and true member of the “how long have we been here” crowd, and I can see why it is still around and being passed around. Not only did I enjoy reading Fingerprints but was intrigued by Hancock’s journey, his anecdotal way of moving the information along, and how he didn’t tell you want you should think, he simply kept giving you the data. What your or my mind did with that was up to us. And my mind ate it, researched some of it, and came to a similar musing as did he about how long humanity probably has been on our Earth. A must read for the intelligent mind.

Symbols and the Symbolic by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
From the moment, I opened this book, I smiled. It was backward! But having read a bit about this author and his intuitive genius, I took this not to be a mistake of the printer/publisher but intended by the author. From the get-go, I was reading a symbol and his point was not lost on me. My mind thinks intuitively, so symbols, myth, and nuance speak plainly to me but this man’s genius is profound. He spent years just after WWII hanging out in the ancient temples of Egypt and grocked many levels of meaning that make sense to the intuitive mind but that the rational mind is bored with. Yet, hieroglyphs are a hieratic language. Students of the Ageless Wisdom listen up: hieratic, as in Hierarchy! I commend Schwaller’s many short works to any student of the Ageless Wisdom, no matter which branch. (I am now onto Esoterism and Symbols by him.)

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice Bailey (and the Master DK)
I am always dipping back into the fount of the blue books, and found myself hanging out with Cosmic Fire in contemplations for a few of the Winter Online Lecture series. After 29 years of reading, studying and teaching this material, it still thrills. Thank you, dear Master.

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