Possession Obsession

This fellow blogger’s post seems rather “blazing light” to me! Passing it on.


Love for possessions is a disease. Obsession over possessions is a death sentence.

I don’t know what it is about “possessing” that humans find remotely empowering. Does particularly “owning” something make you any less or any better than any another person? Does “owning” more cars, more clothes, more money really make one feel…relatively important?

Our society at present has brainwashed us in this “supply and demand” system that we fail to realize the things that really do matter. It’s always about having the newest gadgets, the latest branded items, the coolest products, all of which that don’t really hold much of an importance in our lives if one dares to ponder. We mostly think about the outside appearance rather than the purpose of the objects themselves.

Wants have overcome Needs.

Being “rich” has now been associated with monetary value as opposed to being rich in life or love or family…

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