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Expanded Awareness-Numbed Populace

Are you familiar with the documentary, The Spirit Molecule? It is a film looking at the hormone DMT (N-dimethyltryptamine) created by the pineal gland in the center of the brain and its relation to states of consciousness. Experiences of expanded … Continue reading

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Emanations of Self: 6 conclusion

In conclusion, the intention of this series was to describe how all existence is an emanation of and thus by nature is Self-Same with the Original Source. That’s not new news. Whole systems of religion, mythology, and spiritual teachings have … Continue reading

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Image from Omnimac Photo Album. Quote from the Milwaukee meditation retreat of April 2013.

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Recently read

Here are some books that I recently enjoyed reading. Wild Awakenings by Dzogchen Ponlop The subtitle of this book is “the heart of Mahamudra and Dzogchen,” which pretty well sums it up. This Tibetan tantric master has lived in the … Continue reading

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