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The blossom of meditation

Meditation, classic and true, is a result like a blossom is to a plant. Many parts are necessary to be in place first in order for the blossom to open. Shamatha (tranquil abiding) is the ground of all meditation practice, … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: book 3 sutras 42-48

Patanjali had an overall intention to guide a practitioner toward the inner truth of being. Once a person began to experience for him or herself the nature of innate being and its distinction from the apparent Knower and Perceiver, then … Continue reading

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Agni Yoga 9: Monad, Soul, Solar Angel

We are layers of fire and of fiery identity. Artists are listed at the end of the video. Gratitude to them!

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The Solar Angel Mystery

These are excerpts from a multi-day meditation retreat that I led in Milwaukee. This conversation was on the heels of the Phoenix and Dakini: Transformation Power webcast. May these offerings assist us to understand more of what a human being … Continue reading

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Image from Omnimac Photo Album. Quote from the Milwaukee meditation retreat of April 2013.

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