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Black hole and cosmic principle

There are only a handful of cosmic principles, and they re-iterate and fractal in all dimensions through the continuous folds of Awareness-Existence. As such, if a black hole exists, is it simply the same principled expression as is the antahkarana? … Continue reading

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The blossom of meditation

Meditation, classic and true, is a result like a blossom is to a plant. Many parts are necessary to be in place first in order for the blossom to open. Shamatha (tranquil abiding) is the ground of all meditation practice, … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness 3

Light begets light. It self creates. From an occult point of view, light is both hermaphroditic and completely polarized. In other words, the two components of light – electricity and magnetism – are conjoined and seemingly inseparable. Light is an … Continue reading

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