Black hole and cosmic principle

There are only a handful of cosmic principles, and they re-iterate and fractal in all dimensions through the continuous folds of Awareness-Existence. As such, if a black hole exists, is it simply the same principled expression as is the antahkarana? It seems to me, that these are the same one “thing” or expressions of the same principle: continuity through the warp and woof of Awareness-Expression.

Antahkarana is always center. Energy and consciousness seem to come and go along it, like stars and matter seem to cross the event horizon of a black hole. But, I commend the book, Coming Home by Lex Hixon, for examples of enlightened ones and types of enlightened ones who are living the black hole nature of the antahkarana as a state of voidness-Being. Manifest “reality” circulates around them like horses on a carousel or a galaxy around a black hole, but the enlightened one is not moved, like the black hole is not moved, like the antahkarana is unmoving and never fluctuates or varies from empty and infinite.

The idea of entanglement is another cosmic principle: that of inseparability. One need not have concern for how many ways in which something is entangled/inseparable because there already are countless ways. For example, one’s reading and responding to a Facebook post. Consider all the factors of inter-being and connection that are within doing that one thing! And, it is likely that no one will be able to factor in all factors involved. As such, each moment in an event horizon. Each moment is a complexity of entanglement while also being a simplicity of inseparable Being.

These thoughts were sparked by a Facebook post (closed group, sorry.) It included this: ” “Here’s the heart of their argument: If a black hole’s event horizon is a smooth, seemingly ordinary place, as relativity predicts (the authors call this the “no drama” condition), the particles coming out of the black hole must be entangled with particles falling into the black hole.”

Yet for information not to be lost, the particles coming out of the black hole must also be entangled with particles that left long ago and are now scattered about in a fog of Hawking radiation. That’s one too many kinds of entanglements, which suggests that the smooth, continuous space-time inside the throats of black holes can’t exist. A break in the entanglement at the horizon would imply a discontinuity in space, a pileup of energy: the “firewall.”

But Susskind and Maldacena suggest that, in fact, particles on either side of the border could be connected by a wormhole.

In other words, there was no need for an entanglement that would create a kink in the smooth surface of the black hole’s throat. The particles still inside the hole would be directly connected to particles that left long ago. No need to pass through the horizon, no need to pass Go. The particles on the inside and the far-out ones could be considered one and the same, Maldacena explained — like me, myself and I. The complex “octopus” wormhole would link the interior of the black hole directly to particles in the long-departed cloud of Hawking radiation.

Supermassive black holes or “inter-etheric points” are accepted as laying behind all galaxies as well as all stars. ” “


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  1. Grace Cavanaugh says:

    Donna,Thanks for this; I need to study it – too much to comprehend in one, grace

  2. Anne kennedy says:

    Hi Donna, I agree with Grace. I need time to contemplate this. My mind is searching for something logical to grasp onto.
    Much love,

    • hi Anne, Thank you for taking the time to write. The concept is simple: there are few principles in cosmos. Therefore, all manifestation is simply a rendition or variation on a principle or combination of the primary ones. For example, branching. In the cosmos, branching is observed in the filaments of electrified gases and particles that stream between great celestial forms. Branching is how electricity runs – like in a lightning bolt. It is mor or less straight but branched. Trees, blood vessels, nerve fibers, fault line, wrinkles in one’s skin all branch. So the principle manifests on all scales but is the same principle. Similarly, a connecting tube. The likelihood is that a black hole is a worm hole or connecting portal of some sort, like a cosmic scale pipe of great quantum-cosmic forces. The antahkarana is like that inside us.

  3. Anne kennedy says:

    Thanks Donna. That explanation made it much clearer for me. I actually had an “Aha” moment.
    Much love,

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