Physics and Consciousness 3

imagesLight begets light. It self creates.

From an occult point of view, light is both hermaphroditic and completely polarized. In other words, the two components of light – electricity and magnetism – are conjoined and seemingly inseparable. Light is an electro-magnetic wave, and at the same time peculiarly, electricity and magnetism seem to take on the roles of polarity like gender, positive and negative, yin and yang in order to birth itself along. Archetypally, one can suggest that electricity is yin-masculine-positive-emittive and magnetism is yang-feminine-negative-receptive. That is a metaphysics statement rather than a standard science one. However, it is this fundamental flipping and rolling progression of the androgyne cosmic pair that produces light in all its wavelengths and is the process and holographic progression that is the spiritual Path.

images-1Consciousness is light. Beingness is dark space. This is hinted at in the “point of revelation: “Sun, Black, Antahkarana” given by the Master DK in Discipleship in the New Age, volume II.  More on that at another time, yet the distinction of consciousness and Being or beingness is important. Consciousness and all its derivations or aspects are expressions of the forever unfolding of potential. Potential what? the potential and potencies of creative electric power and the power to attract, cohere, and stabilize. Yet each of these has the other within itself. All forms of dynamism (electricity or charge) require that which invokes or draws forward the charge and gives it ground or stability in order to discharge (express); and that which is drawn together and rendered coherent or stable (magnetism and bond) is lifeless without the dynamism of the spark. Consciousness, then, is the constant process of electro-magnetism as potencies and potentials invoking each other in more and more of their full range of expression. Thus consciousness is the full spectrum of creative ability and life giving and altering powers, and consciousness is the full repertoire of receptive coherence as the “mother” of all expressing potencies to their full potential.

Beingness is not this. Beingness, or essential Nature, Being-As-Itself, is dark space intrinsically complete and limitless. A metaphor would be our planet Earth, its atmosphere, and the weather. The atmosphere, overall, does not make the weather that happens within it, the terrestrial Earth does. The water systems, the heating and cooling generated from within and upon the planet, as well as the inhabitants such as great forests and grasslands, animals, and humans all contribute to create the weather that happens within the greater relatively limitless, relatively complete atmosphere of the Earth. Consciousness and Beingness have a similar relation.

EXPBUDDHAPAINTGOLDThe spiritual Path, then, is the ongoing progression of the self-perpetuation of the light wave of consciousness. Electrical spark of moment, karma, relation, interaction, development of virtue or vice, skill or character attracts more of the same in order to discharge and thus express some of the dynamic charge that is moment, karma, etc. This then catalyzes spark and attracted matter, self, and time causing duration or cycle of time, circumstances, events, relationships, links of dependent origination and interconnectedness that are unto themselves results and at the same time are causative. The result is a recognized moment, a karmic Celtic knot, a loop of infinity that will require many cycles of interaction through which virtue, vice, skill and character attributes, and awareness will develop. These will require and thus magnetize and create circumstances, events, relationships, and the progressive links of the wave of interdependence. The beauty of it is its simplicity and its always perfect functioning. Electro-magnetism self-propagating. Consciousness self-actualzing. Beingness as the unfathomed potencies not yet formed into potentials.

Wave-Length-Spectrum-Colors-Visible-Invisible-Light-Rays-ExplainedConsciousness is light, the full spectrum of light. The above list is rather like naming the photons or particles within the wave of light’s lightness, and the spiritual Path is the ongoing, flawless expansion into the living potencies of light itself. We are enamored of visible light, base our clocks and tasks by it, and our sense of what is possible as well. Yet that is the middle and a small range within the totality of light’s wave length, thus of its potential. Similarly so for human consciousness. Positive qualities of character or skills that we develop are like this middle band width of visible light. They show ourself. Yet there is so much more. The Path is that expansion and that wider view, literally. Like a person who has some clairvoyance: they have regular sight plus.

One can wonder as a thought experiment if light looks back? Does the front of a wave of light look back at its tail? But that question of is from a here/there frame of reference and what if it doesn’t apply? What if light would not ask such a thing? What if consciousness would not either?


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  1. eligoldweber says:

    There are some very deep and interesting ideas. I enjoyed reading about it. I have also played around with light and the human conciseness. You made the connection with time and light, maybe the two are inexplicably connected. I like to think that light has fourth dimensional properties that we can only see a cross section of. Thus light is MUCH more integral to our inner-selves than we acknowledge.

    • Yes, it makes sense that only is light more integral to our inner-selves but that light IS our inner Self, and that the discoveries of quantum mechanics are merely the current reductionist version of discoveries made by deep meditators over and over again. Tantric lamas and Hindu yogis have explained the physics of consciousness and Being for a long time. I think this is one of the Dalai Lama’s agenda items: bring the two disciplines together so that everyone can see that we are saying the same things. Glad you liked the post! Thanks for your thoughts.

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