Zygote and central channel

A student in The Practice of Living Awareness asked: “Having just completed Meditation with you this morning, I have a question I have been wanting to ask. Is the Central Channel the same as the Functioning and Governing Channels, given yet another name?”

My response: Understandable question.
In a sense, one is learning about the layers of the inner anatomy.
The central channel is that along which the chakras are located. It is the energy reason why a spine, the governing vessels, and governing meridians exist within the body. The energetic of the central channel existed first.

or-zygote-stage-throughIn the meditation, I mentioned the zygote. There is more here than cell division. The fertilized cell is the wholeness of potential. Potential what? Awareness and manifestation – thus Awareness in Manifestation. But without division – it is pure, potential, and blissfully complete within itself as Awareness.

A decision is made by Awareness to manifest which requires the self-made creation of duality (dual sense of reality): Awareness in manifestation thus a constantly manifesting reality. The fertilized cell divides into two – but they are self-same, no distinction between them. Such is the truth of Awareness-Being and Manifest-Reality. Yet a line – an event horizon – is now also present. When the zygote divides again, then the processes of duality begin to take precedence over the truth of Oneness (self-sameness).

rainbow awarenessThat event horizon line, the first mirror within Awareness-Being and Potential Manifest Reality, will become the central channel with us. Therefore, as we learn to meditate, we back-track along its many layers of awareness, realizations, to an ultimate non-two, non-dual, non-divided state again.

* Do you (reader) know about The Practice of Living Awareness free online meditation practice? Here is the meditation that prompted the student’s question.

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