Meditation: like a stone

Changeable. Fluctuating. Body, thoughts, and emotion-mind in constant motion. Such are apt descriptions of a human being. Lots gets done because of how dynamic a person is. Lots of energy, time, money, and focus also get high-jacked or wasted. As one tantra states, “There is no end to the actions of dualism.” and (Most) “actions are like the bewilderment of dreams.”

When we step back or drop into any moment, there is so much to discover including what was mentioned above. I liken this process of discovery to gardening. There are reasons why some gardens produce copious beauty and bounty and reasons why some do not. Investigating the myriad possible reasons regarding both outcomes ensures that a desired outcome is probable. Similarly, when I do not notice the ways in which my attention or energy or mood are being high-jacked, I cannot change how it occurred or the outcome. But, with discovery, I am empowered to live more from the range of Presence of Being. The same is so for everyone.

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