Meditation: listening and awareness 2

It wasn’t long ago when people accepted, experienced, and used the expanded capacities of all their senses. This is how the great discoveries have happened, how Euclid sat and pondered, how DaVinci created, how Shakespeare contemplated the human condition, even – I would suggest – how Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway wrote. Innate knowing is how herbalists resonate with plants and innately sense their benefit or wrong use. The same processes are going on inside everyone all the time. Openness to the information, insights, or discoveries provided by the range of the senses is the distinction between those who attend and those who do not to such promptings.

Our senses and their expanded range is not a by-product of metaphysics. The range of awareness is innate. Training brings results, such as in a class on intuition or psychism, because people have been trained to disregard this innate compass.

Modern science is predicated upon the false dividing of spirit/consciousness and matter and has been so since Descartes. This division has, in effect, divorced people from a vast array of what is going on inside all day long. There is a modern psychological hypothesis that fear, worry, anxiety, and trying to control have increased in people to clinical proportions primarily because human beings have been trained to dismiss, deny, and go against the variety of inner signals happening through the day. The amount of violence, mental and emotional disease, discontent and need for ongoing distraction are evidence that something is very amiss when our wholeness is bifurcated.

Granted, being sensitive, open, present and aware can seem to have its own problems. This incarnation for me began with multiple extra-sensory modes active. From birth, my mind was clairaudient, clairvoyant, and telepathic. It took years to find sanity within the insanity of the world, and do so without help or tutelage. Yet, to have turned it all off, even if I could, that would have made me insane. Why? Because to do so would have been opposite to truth of experience, truth of being, and truth being reported through these sensory perceptions. Instead, becoming familiar with the range of possible modes of knowing, understanding, and being was the way to go, as it is for everyone.

Every person is innately more perceptive than modern science or society would have one believe. The children being born over the last 20 years or so are evidence. Autism, for example, is a state of profound sensitivity; one of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and telepathy like it was for me. But, life was simpler when I was an infant: no TV, or ambient WiFi signals constantly in one’s head in addition to the already present multiple signals from people, pets, and neighbors that I was receiving. As grew into childhood, I was out playing in Nature every day rain, snow or shine. Children now have 1000 times more input, more static, coming at them, as do we all unless you live like me in the middle of no-where surrounded by Nature’s wonders. My WiFi is only on when it is needed, the neighbor’s satellite signals are too weak to impact anyone, and I don’t own a microwave.

This week we are listening from deep inside.

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