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The Great Invocation and Triangles

The Science of Triangles and the use of the Great Invocation is so important. Duane’s recent visual postings and related references from Bailey make it quite clear. We are hardwired for efficacy in this regard. The primary triplicities within us … Continue reading

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December thread

A spider thread sparkled in the dawn splendor. Leafless, the tree was naked and asleep to December winds. A thread wiggled laughing with a sunbeam and behold what was always there illumined. reposted from December 2013    

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the night before the US election: a meditation on the highest light

It is estimated that one quarter of US citizens who will vote in this election have already done so. Early voting and absentee ballots are well underway. Several states have referendums on the ballot, the majority of which are progressive … Continue reading

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#1: Meditation for a lighted election

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Meditate for a lighted election!

Can we make a difference for truth and compassion to manifest in our world? The answer is, yes. Meditation moves us toward right thought, non-aggressive action, and the elimination of antagonisms of every kind. This is true for our inner-being … Continue reading

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