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A new now

At particular junctures on the Path, we are asked to understand something in ways that we could not before. In that moment, our frames of reference, desire, and planned outcomes will need revision or release. In their place new possibilities … Continue reading

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Happy, the documentary

What makes a person happy? The science of it, the fun of it, the goodness of it. On Amazon Prime if you have that. Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo. See

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Humble and noble

photograph: Star of Zion by BlackGryphon (Gabriel Brown) on DeviantART

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The Innocence of a Child

The image of a newborn baby laid in a manger is a striking one. It is one of innocence. I am struck at Christmas by the innocence of Christ’s untouched young mother, the faith of the man that would become … Continue reading

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#2 Meditation for a lighted election

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