#1. Astrological houses: spiritually viewed

Factors in an astrological chart should be considered in their order of magnitude of effect. The planets are first and foremost. Generally, the zodiacal signs would be considered second, then aspects, then houses. All produce or enhance energetics, qualities, habits of consciousness, and beneficial or troublesome karma. I don’t know about other people who use astrology or have taught it but I find that other than the planets being the primary energetic providers, the signs, aspects, and houses, plus interceptions have -more or less – equal weight in their meaning. For example, Pluto Moon conjunct is going to display particularly throughout an entire lifetime no matter what sign or house they are in; similarly, a full moon chart (Sun and Moon in opposition). The signs of the luminaries and their houses are merely clothing to the dynamics between the Sun and Moon. The primary energetic of Sun and Moon see-sawing, backing and forthing with each, sometimes merging, other times diametrically opposed in agenda will play out regardless of signs and houses. (Others might view that differently.)

Some planetary relationships (aspects) are so causative as to almost rule a chart, including a singleton (no relatedness/on its own). It is the planets in their relationships that will create and determine the primary themes of a horoscope. As mentioned in the recent series on the 12th house, I find that two to three primary themes are the rule in charts, and most of the time two. Then, those few themes repeat throughout the chart.

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I have been asked to offer something about the rest of the twelve houses since the 12th was taken up spiritually. We must ever keep in mind that the planets are the driving factor of a chart, just as when transits are happening, it is the planets that are the players.

The house is “where” the character of a planet or planetary relationship will function in one’s life. Classically, “where” is a location or arena in one’s life: 4th house – home, 7th house – relationships/partnerships, 10th house profession; but “where” also means where inside the native. The house can represent aspects of the psyche or psychological rooms in the house of the self. From a spiritual or esoteric point of view, astrological houses can indicate chakric orientation and self or selflessness in general. For example, the 11th house traditionally points to organizations, institutions, and groups. But, all of these ask, “do you play well with others? and “do you seek others out?” Mars, Pluto, or Saturn in that house will each play according to their nature – which is the native’s nature. Venus or Mercury in the 11th will interact otherwise – still demonstrating the native’s nature. An uninhabited 11th house does not mean that the native can’t play, interact, or collaborate with others, it just means that no planet’s qualities or skills (which are those of the native) are being emphasized in that area of life experience.

One of the tools that will be used in this series on the houses, spiritually/esoterically understood, is the three rulers of each sign since the signs and the houses have a correspondence. The teaching on three rulers is given by Master DK in the book, Esoteric Astrology, published by Lucis Trust. The three rulers provide three levels of vibration for the planet and support actualization of the increasingly refined, thus higher and self-less expression of the planet. An example of Mars was given in pt. 3 of the previous series. Below is a tabulation of the three levels of rulers: traditional, esoteric, and hierarchical.

Readers familiar with astrology know that the 12 houses correspond to the 12 signs in order. Aries/1st house, Taurus/2nd house, Capricorn/10th house/Pisces/12th house, etc. Someone might not have a planet in the first house, but everyone is alive, seeks to express being alive, and is fundamentally driven to present him or herself in some way(s) throughout life. These are first house considerations. Others include how one begins things, self initiative or lack thereof, excitability, self-directedness as well as directness. The first house relates to physicality and our interaction with the physical dimension in some way. Each of these points back to the sign of Aries. (Astrology is so layered!)

I will go the way of the reverse Wheel – Pisces to Aquarius and so on – because Master DK says that the person on the Path is traversing the Way in that manner. Simply, the spiritual path is upstream – against the common, materialistic current. The next post will begin.

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