Meditation: energy flows

We have confidence in the flow of a river, in the flow of the blood in our body, in the flow of conversation among friends, and we can have similar confidence in the emanation of the qualities within our meditation sittings to flow into the collective consciousness of humanity and, furthermore, into the world as a whole.

No ego is necessary for this. Good intentions, heartful wishes for others, and a determined effort to send good energy into the world is noble – to be sure, but with understanding energy in its unbounded nature, then effort “to send” is unnecessary. Effort is best used in continued taming and training in meditation practice. That effort produces effortlessness. That effort brings forward the natural features of Awareness-Compassion. Then practitioners can live from and fully integrate those features into daily life.

Both ends of this: the training that brings forward that which is innate and the integration into daily life change the world. How? These do so through transformation in ourselves. Then we can create solutions rather than perpetuating problems, we can interact with each moment as Awareness-Compassion, we can support life simply by being who we are.

Meditation opens a practitioner to the fullness of what is possible, inside, outside, all around. Practitioners are not special but have chosen to engage LIFE and Awareness rather than simply live a life.

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