advancing meditation: Instructions from Patanjali 1

The great rishi, Patanjali, gave meditation instruction long ago. Patanjali’s training is like that of a scientist: sequential, methodical, and based upon direct evidence. As with instructions from the Buddha, if one follows the training in its sequence, meditation will result.

The advancing meditation practice, along with The Practice of Living Awareness, uses the Raja Yoga instructions of Patanjali in tandem with various meditation techniques described and offered by Buddha Shakyamuni. These two awakened beings seeded humanity with the greatest gifts: the art and science of meditation. Meditation, alone, cultivates the natural luminescence of Awareness-mind to become the always-awakened state of Awareness. This, then, coupled with a life of warm-heartedness and altruism is the recipe for perfected harmonious living with all beings and of enticing the greatest light and purpose from Earth herself.

We begin two weeks with the Master Patanjali’s instructions.


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