Only light is direct. Venus and Jupiter.

Right now, only the two light-bringer planets, Venus and Jupiter, are direct. That is to say that they are in forward motion energetically and psycho-spiritually in relation to humanity. All other planets are turned inward, focusing their illuminations on what lies under the surface societally and inside each of us individually.

Eighteen years into this new millennium and simultaneously on the threshold of a new zodiacal age, humanity is being assisted by all the planets and the aspects in the heavens to acknowledge simple truths. With that, we can move forward together into the new and dawning age.

Venus is the planet of relation. Due to relatedness, Venus is the planet of appreciation. But, as the Goldilocks story reports, appreciation is fickle when not rooted in open-heartedness. When value and worth are predicated upon the relation of getting and gain, then along the way and in the end, all beings lose.

Relation signifies inter-connectedness, interdependence, inter-being, and intimacy of the most life-giving kind. Venus’s embrace encircles us. It is the very air we breathe, shared by all beings of this one Mother Earth. Venus’s delicate touch is felt in the beauty of a flower, a butterfly probing that flower, as well as the colorful cultural diversity of human beings around the world.

Jupiter is the planet of joy, a Santa Claus kind of joy. Jupiter is huge; and from its largess, it gives and gives, never questioning if to offer kindness, a smile, or a hand.

Joy is lightness of being, humor, warm-heartedness, and childlike wonder with the moment. Jupiter is contentment – no need for more when there is such excellence in this moment right now.

There was a time when all people of the world would have noticed these two Light-Beings in the sky. Billions still do. Their presence has always meant blessing and is experienced in the goodness felt when looking at them dazzling in the evening or night sky. The awe that their radiance inspires is the same awe that we are called to by their presence: the recognition of the light in one another.

This simple action born of truth of being, born of one’s inner light, is the source of all benevolent and beneficent activities. Intuition is this recognition of light. Inventiveness and creativity is the illustration of recognized light. Revolution is stirred by the dawn of light in hearts and minds oppressed by the darkness of human indignity; and the new ways of a new age will be predicated upon this lightness of being. It is the energy of truth abundant within all.

Illumination is to live from an appreciation that values all, worthiness that brings joy and goodness into the world. Help humanity step forward. With Santa Claus patience and understanding, smile, and add your light to the emanating radiance of the Light-Bringers.

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  1. Venus like Uranus travels backwards in her spin, so that means only one left… Jupiter and we all know what “karma” zues has.

  2. Any idea when the last time this happened was? Well, thank goodness that this morning Mercury went direct, and I am very much looking forward to Mars going direct as well. The past couple of weeks have felt like total sludge!

  3. Hi, I’m sorry to have not responded earlier. No, I don’t know when it last happened that several planets were retrograde together.

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