Meditation: being and vision

We settle into a meditative manner immediately. Doing so, distinctions dissolve.

What does this report about characteristics?

Many years ago, 12 of us spent a weekend with four Lakota People from Pine Ridge Reservation. One was an elder woman, thus a grandmother to everyone present. The People had come east, and we met in a woodland on the New York/Massachusetts border. Lots of ceremony and wisdom-story was shared by the Lakota brothers and grandmother and we soaked it in.

One thing that stood out was what the Lakota saw in everything, how their view of interconnectedness was in every step and consideration. To them, distinction was not a feature of being separate. Rather, the diversity of people, flora and fauna, was honored and celebrated as gifts and abundance from the heart of Mother Earth and the Creator.

In a meditation session, features in one’s mind can disappear into the ever-present luminous nature of Awareness. But as one walks through and engages one”s day, are distinctions and differences forefront? If so, please use whatever technique serves to soften the habit of mental-emotional appearance distinctions. They are arbitrary. They are also a by-product of consensus-driven, culturally based (and biased) designations that are not truly existent. The proof of the fabricated nature of our habits of consciousness, thus ascriptions, is that they are not universally shared. Different people interact with the same something in a variety of ways –often within a larger agreed upon context. For example, human beings might collectively agree that water is water or that a tree is a tree but not all human beings consider that water is a life or that a tree is a life.

The sense of sight can render items as distinct, determined by any number of outer characteristics or render items similar. Similarity can expand to vast proportions such that an ant or a molecule are just as vital as the sun. The sense of sight and view (as in view of the world, of one’s self, of possibilities, of reality, and so forth) are interwoven also.

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