Meditation: visual/seeing and awareness 1

Thus far listening/hearing, touch, and taste have been experienced more fully through our morning contemplations and meditations. We now explore sight.

As each sense is more fully experienced, one experiences that Awareness is constant. It is always present, always aware, always functioning, and always widely, completely inclusive. No matter which sensorial apparatus is being experienced, when left as an instrument of Awareness -without preference or aversion generated by the sense of self- Awareness is wholistic, impartial, neutral, and completely inclusive. To Awareness, the touch of one’s butt on a chair or meditation cushion are equal; and these are equal to sitting on a rock, on sand, in water, out of doors or inside. The sense of touch makes no distinction between any of these. Touch is merely the sensation of tactile or energetic contact. Characteristics such as hard or soft, warm or cold are not important to touch itself, nor to Awareness. On the other hand, all of these criteria and characteristics are significant to the sense of the self, the personal ego, personality. Why?

Because the sense of self is a constructed identity which is a by-product of a collection of distinct sensations, characteristics, perceptions, thoughts and beliefs. Identifying is not only the habit of ego, but is how distinguishing/differentiating, and singling out. This is how the personality reifies itself as distinct. Due to this primal arbitrary and self-created distinctness, self designates characteristics and differentiation onto everything and everyone. All the while, Awareness is neutral, does not distinguish and, therefore, is a sameness and in that shared sameness with all that seems to exist.

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