Awakening pt. 5: Nature

We interrupt the astrological interpretations to sit and listen. Nature is joyous. Nature is sighing relief and enjoying the present moment.

Last night I sat inside, doors and windows closed, but I could hear thousands of miles away as well as Ute Mountain close by. This morning we meditated in this way of the heart, and then my inbox had a little video sent by a friend (by National Geographic?) on Nature rebounding. Emissions type of pollutions have dropped in air and water, sound pollution has decreased substantially with combustion engines not whirring constantly, waters are settling, animals are responding.

These are the signs of our times just as are the portends of the heavens. What will humanity do with these gifts of self-evidence regarding human impact upon the world? In a matter of weeks, we – all of us – curtailed human activity that is fundamentally destructive to the Earth and all its inhabitants. And, Nature responded. Earth responded.

As we all get itchy to “get going again”, what does that mean? Covid-19, this queen, coronavirus, has like a true benevolent ruler let us experience truth. Slipping back into astrological references for a moment, we call to mind that Uranus is in Taurus and Pluto/Jupiter are in Capricorn with Saturn to return to that sign soon enough. Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs. Taurus epitomizes the beauty, fertility, fecundity, and renewal-capacity of the earth element and of Mother Earth herself. Capricorn represents what we, humanity, and we, this planet, can achieve when dualism is defeated and non-two, nondual wisdom is the shared understanding of Life. Capricorn is the surmounting of the “mountain of the self,” its imposing character, and its seeming immovability. In ascending the steps of the Path, altitude begins to integrate into attitude. We no longer “view” the world as under us but rather understand that our thoughtforms are the only body that matters, the only substantial reality that has meaning. And so with altitude, our mind clears like the skies over Bejing have done. Our thoughts clarify from the emotion-mind attachments that have obscured truth, and we feel our hearts.

Venus hierarchically rules Capricorn. This says it all. And if it doesn’t, we are reminded that Venus rules Taurus, too. Heart-mind leads to nondual wisdom (prajna). Highest Venus is prajnaparamita (inexpressible stainless wisdom) which is present and has been from the beginning in common Venus, just as nondual wisdom is present underneath the facade of duality.

Queen Virus has offered humanity so much in such a brief flash of time. Simultaneously, she has given the Mother Earth that breathed her, a great joy and renewal. What will we do with these gifts and revelations? What will we do with these awakenings?

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