Meditation: Nature’s sigh of joy

Last night I sat. In the silence, my heart could hear the joy of Nature with humanity’s decreased impact upon it. Though I live in south-central Colorado, I could hear whales and orca, dolphins and manta rays humming in oceans that are quieter, cleaner. I could feel  lightness in the animals of the Serengeti with no ecotourism around them or biplanes circling overhead. My heart could feel the lakes of the world, certainly those in America, where small recreation craft aren’t zipping along, combustion engines reverberating through the water, petroleum slick skimming the surface.

We open our hearts this meditation and just listen. Walls and windows are no barrier to the ears of the heart, distance is a non-issue, too. Nondual wisdom has many manifestations. This listening is one.

Nature’s sigh 041620

  • The image is of a great blue whale underneath the small boat.

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