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It was joyful to see the names in the group field this morning for meditation. I’ve been meditating with you offline and the field has been palpable. Thank you, again, for your continued practice which is so needed in the world.

Interesting, minor technology karma this morning expressed as the meditation not converting from Zoom. Sorry to everyone who does the meditations by podcast from the blog.

The invitation this week is nondual wisdom. That’s not new to this blog or our online meditations. Everything about every moment, and certainly world moments such as we are currently navigating, invites human beings to interact with emotion, beauty, pain, suffering, uncertainty, creativity, one another, our inner arisings and processes from nondual wisdom.

What is nondual wisdom? It’s as simple as heart-mind, to live from and express these as the one that they are instead of holding them divorced and fostering division where there foundationally is none.

Someone might say, “yes, but what is heart-mind?” Go inside, breathe, allow yourself to be inside for a moment, then ask the inner spaciousness what is heart-mind. The response is the moment, known and not questioned. Nondual wisdom is to no divorce oneself in any way from the fullness that is (sometimes intense or painful or sorrowful or giddy or tearful with joy). The Is-ness is inside, always present and everywhere; thus, it cannot be experienced when we are in bifucating, identifying emotion-mind. That’s how the divorce of heart-mind happens and is reified as a dominant habit of consciousness. Thus, I am, you are, that is, this is.

Nondual wisdom does not negate anything: not coronavirus, Donald Trump, ongoing climate disruption, the millions of people in the world with no real home, the billions on the edge of starvation or abject poverty and death every day, or that I and you are intimately involved in each of these manifestations of humanity’s collective consciousness and karma thus our current conventional reality. But, nondual wisdom also does not isolate any of them from the complexity and simplicity of being our collective manifestations. There lies the compassion implicit within nondual wisdom. Are we heroic enough to hold these many human-made, human-fostered, human-funded mirrors of our collective psyche in mirror-like, reflective wisdom? To do so would require the heroism of compassion.

True courage of compassion lies in the willingness to root out dualism in one’s mind; and since all emotions are dualistic, we can start there. Start with the easy stuff like how we like our coffee or tea, how we chose our clothes for the day, or the emotional statement that automatically arises when we look out the window (“what a beautiful day!”, or “It’s going to rain today.” or “that bird is beautiful.” Emotions are not something to negate, judge, or curtail per se, but rather to be recognized as demonstrations of our inner state of emotion-mind. (Master DK termed this kama-manas.) As human beings, we will always have emotions. For that matter, animals, plants, and Mother Earth demonstrate emotions. Spirits, elementals, nagas, and such do too. The important question to ask oneself any moment or instance is “what union am I experiencing right now?” “What non-two and I experiencing; and do I recognize it as a union?”

For example, when choosing clothes for getting dressed, the union is the sense of self and the projection of appearance.

  • The sense of self wants to project (be seen) in a certain way because that projection is how the sense of self sees itself, relates to itself, and thus is reinforced as an identifiable entity; real, in other words.
  • The feedback loop is not only deeply embedded but is actually a feeding tube to the construct of “me”/identity. Value, evaluation, and judgement are in put into play without conscious recognition.

Getting dressed can seem so innocuous; yet it is a display of dualistic mind par excellence.

Nondual wisdom would observe getting dressed, every emotion and desire in doing so, the feeling of the fabrics against one’s skin, the gladness in feeling good about oneself, all with a smile of intuiting the illusory, self-made reality of it all.

How is getting dressed nondual with coronavirus or refugees or any thing else in our world? Getting dressed is a phenomenal expression of the bifurcated and bifurcating sense of self as are all manifestations of our collective consciousness. As long as human collective consciousness is ruled by duality, then we will have the human-made world that we do and will chose clothes accordingly. But, if while you are getting dressed you observe, take note, feel, and intuit the fullness that is going on and the self-made reality that you are self-fabricating (with a smile of wisdom), then you are helping to illumine the collective consciousness by illumining your own. That’s nondual wisdom.



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