Gi-normous glacial calving event on film

In addition to how amazing the footage and the scale of this iceberg calving is (larger than the size of lower Manhattan and more than twice the height of the tallest buildings), is how quickly the glacier has receded in the last decade.

From approximately 13,000-9,000 BC, a great melting happened on our planet as the northern hemisphere came out of the Ice Age. Water levels rose by over 350 feet on all coastlines and it is thought that all the myths of the Great Flood or Great Deluge come from that collective experience.

We should be stunned by this footage by what it is telling us. Our planet has warmed and continues to do so. Let us be informed by facts and understand the consequences of capitalist decisions based on materialism, greed, and “tomorrow doesn’t matter” lack of ethics.

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2 Responses to Gi-normous glacial calving event on film

  1. Sara Traub says:

    This piece of footage is mind blowing. If this doesn’t prove that the globe is warming and that we need to take some if not all responsibility for it, I’m not sure what deniers need. Wow!

    • Yes, the scale of it is staggering. The comparison to lower Manhattan for sense of size and deeper than the tallest building there at least gives perspective. There is some scientific evidence that the Sun is heating up, therefore the inner solar system too. That means Earth!

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