Physics and Consciousness 6

Health is an outcome of awareness. Awareness is part of consciousness. Let’s look at something together.

This is the wavelength spectrum of light-energy. The top band is the whole thing, naming the different types of light and energy radiation that comprise the full vibrational spectrum of light. The middle vertical rainbow in the upper band is what human beings call visible light. This is the range that we see.

The bottom band takes that small “visible” spectrum that humans see and expands it out into the rainbow of light that is common to us. Take a minute with the graphic before reading on. Ponder the top band specifically.Visible spectrum
I want to highlight two things: x-rays and ultraviolet light. Notice where both are on the vibrational continuum of light-energy. To the left of visible light is shorter wavelength light-energy; to the right longer wavelength light-energy. Shorter wavelength = more intensity and higher energy. Longer wavelength = less intensity and lower energy vibrationally. That’s easy to understand.

X-rays first. Notice that they are higher in frequency (intensity) than ultraviolet light-energy. So, we are told to avoid sunlight and put on sunscreen and hats but, in America we are also herded like cattle through airport x-ray scanners and the dentist is constantly wanting to take x-rays of our mouth (which by the way is very close to our brain). Hello, McFly!

Notice that technicians leave the room when an x-ray beam is “fired” at you for the x-ray.  Notice that lead shielding is still supposed to cover the parts of your body that are not being x-rayed. Notice that x-rays are one category lower than gamma rays on the vibrational spectrum of light-energy. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Oh, it’s still you McFly!

For your health and well-being, NO you do not want to walk through airport scanners in America but will instead prefer the pat-down. And NO you do not want x-rays at your dentist every six months at your semi-annual cleaning, but you do want to floss regularly, brush with non-fluoridated toothpaste, and lay off the soda. Being ignorant of information means that other people will make decisions for you. In America, capitalism has lost the rudder of ethics such that greed and immoral and unethical vested outcomes steer the ship of policy. This is why Monsanto, the tobacco industry, and a pharmaceutical industry thrive in America, but I digress.

We move on to ultraviolet light. Yes, it is higher intensity than commonly visible light but let’s put this in perspective. Most animals see a range of ultraviolet light. Your dog, cat, the bees and butterflies outside your window all see ultraviolet light. This wavelength of light is necessary for plants, it is easily photographed through Kirlian photography, tumblr_lw7md1AgTr1qese7mo1_500and most people can see the ultraviolet auric emanations of a person or animate being with a simple soft focus of their eyes. Unto itself, ultraviolet light has been part of the evolution of everything on our planet. We and all life have evolved with this necessary, vibrant and vital wavelength of light-energy. It is necessary for our health as well as emotional and mental well-being. Here is a good TED talk on ultraviolet light-energy, our skin and how it is designed to produce and distribute the benefits derived from this wavelength of light, and that our heart health requires it.

Sometimes consciousness is simply about awareness and being informed. Then we can make conscious choices and informed decisions about our life, our children, their lives, and their futures to come. We can speak intelligently to the dental technician about why we chose not to have the semi-annual dental x-ray (and no longer use fluoridated toothpaste). We will chose to be at the airport earlier so that the time required for the pat-down is just time and not stressful. We will chose the right measure of sunlight exposure for our skin type, our mental and emotional needs, and not blindly swallow the pablum about skin cancer fear. Being informed means that we can evaluate good heart health, resilient bone density, happier demeanor and clarity of mind versus not being outside regularly with some exposure to the sun.

* Airport scanners and their health risks

** Good news about ultraviolet light

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