Physics and Consciousness 5: Particle and Wave materials


I am excited about this new six-week online course Particle and Wave: the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness and hope that you might join the dozen people doing it. Below are materials for the first session, made available as enticement. The tuition for this six-week online course is $129 US. Students receive weekly:

  • a session syllabus
  • participation live in the 1 to 1.5 hour webinar session
  • a webcast of the session recorded live which can be viewed and reviewed as often as one likes
  • suggestions of videos, articles, web searches, musings and meditations on the relation of light, physics, and quantum mechanics on the Spiritual Path and the incremental experiences toward enlightenment. We’re in good company with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and his work which began with MIT some years ago on just this. Yet this course is a product of my own musings, spiritual path, and meditation experiences.

online learningIt’s never too late to sign up for an online course because it is both “canned” and in the box (time zone, family and life considerations), as well as live for those who can be there. This six-week online course will change how you think about just about everything and will bring your Path more into clarity for you. All my work is intended to illumine the deep esoteric principles at work in our every day. That is living awareness. In this way each of us become a more active part of the evolution of consciousness and help co-create a better world.

Here is the webcast of the first session (as temptation, tease, and thrill). Tuition must be paid to participate in the rest and to receive the fullness of the list above.

Here also is the downloadable student syllabus of the Session 1 to give you a sense of what you will receive and what you are missing!  Particle and Wave, wk 1, ses 1

You will also find – at this link – a short article describing the relation of some of the meditative and shamanic training I have received and their input into this course, along with the outline of what will be explored each of the six-sessions.

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