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advancing meditation: enlightenment is the ultimate shamatha

As said in the introduction, all meditation practice amounts to the detachment from arisings, thus a decrease of of them, thus the cessation of their preponderance, thus eventually the cessation of reaction and response to that which appears and appears … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, final session Sutras 23-34

The final week’s discussion brought forward some extremely clear, succinct, and pure understandings of Patanjali’s final sutras. In those he, once again, reminds the practitioner of the final hurdles or snags to realization: the very nature of Mind itself and … Continue reading

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Humanity: the planetary throat center: part II

A new moon cycle holds significant insight should one choose to use the planets for such. From the Stellarium, we see that: Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury are all in Taurus, the Bull. The reason to add the new moon … Continue reading

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The uncompromising light of enlightenment

Anyone can engage the light of enlightenment. Doing so is to dance in and as the devouring light and to emerge as naked Awareness. Enlightenment is not a result of being Buddhist, but the result of being uncompromising and earnest … Continue reading

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Taurus-Wesak full moon meditation video

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