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To practice mindfulness is to place oneself on its hook. It is a call to truth presenting in the moment, as the moment, and through one’s relation to Truth of Being. Buddha Shakyamuni exemplified this and taught others how to … Continue reading

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The ground of Awareness

Upon his enlightenment, Buddha touched the ground.* He asserted that “Earth is my witness,” regarding the fact of his enlightenment. There are layers of meaning in this gesture which are not usually expanded upon in the Dharma. Generally, the gesture … Continue reading

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Good vibrations: mantra

Saying mantra is to be a human prayer flag. As the mantra sings in our mind or rolls off our tongue and mala turning fingers, the vibrations of Being pour out. Mantra is an excellent use of the mind, of … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 15

Two videos from the BBC 1. Everyman: Richard Gere’s Buddhism 2. The Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World

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A Journey Within: 14

Our body is designed to perform miracles: the miracle of birth, healing, producing sustenance for our young, and the miracles of helping and caring. Our body, like other nature-based forms such as trees and animals, is designed to thrive until … Continue reading

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