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A Host of Samantabhadra Offerings

To offer one’s body, speech and mind is a powerful commitment. It renders whatever we think, say or do to as an energetic gift, an offering to the divine in all. In 2011, more than 30 of us from the … Continue reading

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OM: The Science of Vibration

Mantras of the world are based upon the Science of Vibration. Mantras and words of power are encapsulations of supreme principles upon which evolution is based. In the Intermediate (second level) of The Practice of Living Awareness, we are in … Continue reading

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Peace that passes all understanding

May the peace and blessings of the holy ones pour forth into the worlds, Rest upon the Work* and the workers, Protecting, purifying, energizing, and strengthening them. There is a peace with passeth understanding; It abides in the hearts of … Continue reading

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Good vibrations: mantra

Saying mantra is to be a human prayer flag. As the mantra sings in our mind or rolls off our tongue and mala turning fingers, the vibrations of Being pour out. Mantra is an excellent use of the mind, of … Continue reading

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