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Words are Vibration

Invite new words.  Expanding one’s vocabulary makes the mind more supple and thoughts more precise. Words have roots, history, ambiance, and meaning. Words are vibration sounding, whether inside our head or being spoken. Articulation is the art of word-vibration. So, … Continue reading

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The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom: pervasive omnipotent all-expressing

The Master DK states that the current great unfathomable aeon is qualified by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This statement reports that Love-Wisdom is the only qualifying energy in cosmos through the incalculable measure of manifestation that humans call time … Continue reading

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One Vibrational Continuum

Life-Awareness-Being. Though thought of as three things, this is one continuum of vibration. When interacting with external existence, we experience Life. As interaction, we experience Awareness. When the continuum of Awareness and vibrant livingness are uninterrupted, we experience this as … Continue reading

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OM: The Science of Vibration

Mantras of the world are based upon the Science of Vibration. Mantras and words of power are encapsulations of supreme principles upon which evolution is based. In the Intermediate (second level) of The Practice of Living Awareness, we are in … Continue reading

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Vibration: the root of all things

Vibration is the root of alchemy, the metaphysical sciences, metaphor and intuitive recognitions. I have always sought the root of things. My interests cause me to contemplate how macrocosmic principles correspond to and create the forms of existence. The greater … Continue reading

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