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The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom: pervasive omnipotent all-expressing

The Master DK states that the current great unfathomable aeon is qualified by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This statement reports that Love-Wisdom is the only qualifying energy in cosmos through the incalculable measure of manifestation that humans call time … Continue reading

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Humanity: the planetary throat center – part 1

The Master DK suggests that humanity is the planetary throat center. This is a reference to the classical seven chakra model and that humanity is directly related to an expression of the throat chakra. The throat chakra is a wheel … Continue reading

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Pluto-Sirius 3: layers – The Law of Correspondences

The Master DK repeatedly points to the Law of Correspondences. His directive is to notice the analogous nature of various levels of an energy in expression. As one takes on the Master’s instructions, one finds the Wisdom of Sameness. The … Continue reading

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