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The Light of Sacredization

Why does humanity exist? Among the significant reasons is the human capacity to express light. Clarity, ingenuity, integrity, wisdom, and harmonious creativity are expressions of light through creative intelligence. Respect, kindness, care, equanimity, compassion, saving and helping are expressions of … Continue reading

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Humanity: the planetary throat center – part 1

The Master DK suggests that humanity is the planetary throat center. This is a reference to the classical seven chakra model and that humanity is directly related to an expression of the throat chakra. The throat chakra is a wheel … Continue reading

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YouTube and PBS videos worth exploring

Feels like Spring in the mind of humanity! Idea-seeds that have lain dormant or sprouts of thought that have been slowly growing seem to now have better conditions. Paradigms are quickly shifting from that of contraction, isolation, and not-related or … Continue reading

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