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Feels like Spring in the mind of humanity! Idea-seeds that have lain dormant or sprouts of thought that have been slowly growing seem to now have better conditions. Paradigms are quickly shifting from that of contraction, isolation, and not-related or no care for relatedness to the YES/AND of fabric, connectivity, the past in relation to the now, and the now as a vibrant contributor to the future.

Here are some free videos that I recommend on subjects that are driving the correction of layers of understanding our world, humanity, and our role individually and collectively in it.

Humanity’s Past (you gotta start here!)

  • Planet of Megaliths: Less known megatithic sites around the world: This video is largely a gathering of photos from megalithic sites around the world. It is long, which makes the point that the sheer number of these sites cannot be dismissed. The similarity of features in the majority also cannot be denied. Clearly, humanity once had a fundamentally different relation to stone, gravity, ley lines, and the grid of electro-magnetism that overlays this planet.
  • Secrets of the Stone Age 1-3: Anthropologist Richard Rudgley uses Sherlock Holme’s style intuition as he and scientists of other disciplines have a fresh look at human ancient archeological finds. One amazing but logical hypothesis: that neaderthal humanity could have been nocturnal – this is suggested by the large eye sockets of the skulls.
  • Carpathian Sphinx, Megaliths … Ancient Bulgaria: be sure to see part 1 of the above series before this video because of the references made by the geologist in this video on ancient finds in the Carpathian mountains.
  • Archimedes’ Lost Book: how the world would be different if the great genius and sage Archimedes’ writings had not been lost for so long.

The Living and Connected Whole of Life (cosmos, atoms, and you)

  • Nassim Haramein Cognos 2010 conference part 1: In this video Nassim encapsulates the fundamental points in physics that don’t add up. He began that questioning at age 9 with self-created thought experiments going home in a school bus. By the end of this one-hour video I found myself exclaiming “he’s brilliant!” for the boldness of his questioning and the answers that he has come to regarding physics – macrocosmic and microcosmic, and connected existence. If part 1 resonates with you, there are five more parts.
  • Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds part 1: Akasha: The other videos in this series of four are captivating videos: good for those who already explore such subjects and excellent primers for those newly investigating the inner sciences and ageless wisdom principles.
  • Exploring the Nature of Consciousness: 5 min.
  • National Geographic: The Story of Earth: the development of Earth over 4.5 billion years. Fascinating science and computer graphic simulation. Though I do not agree with 100% of the points of view, I found the material evolution of Earth amazing to better understand.

Electric Universe mini course (Here is a suggestion of various videos in an order that, I think, offers a primer in the Electric Universe model and the basic electromagnetic principles behind it.)

Interbeing (getting to know how other beings experience reality)

  • My Life as a Turkey (PBS): tender, beautiful, and .. who knew all this about wild turkeys? This naturalist’s mother-experience raising a clutch of 16 wild turkeys has changed our understanding about them. This video is great for the family or just you and a cup of tea.
  • The Sagebrush Sea (PBS): “It’s called the Immense Empty …”


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