Vibration: the root of all things

Vibration is the root of alchemy, the metaphysical sciences, metaphor and intuitive recognitions. I have always sought the root of things. My interests cause me to contemplate how macrocosmic principles correspond to and create the forms of existence. The greater energetic or vibrational patterns exist and always have. Knowing such things has been the privilege of the select and the initiated through human history. It is these vibrational resonances that give humanity the Law of Correspondences, the Law of Analogy, and make all creative processes possible through the Law of Attraction. The resonance of vibration is the reason behind them. It is the mother source of creation and understanding on any scale and in any domain.

Resonance is electro-magnetism. Resonance is gravitational field. Resonance is relative reality and its scale, and resonance is the ultimate state of equilibrized non-dual Wholeness expressing as Beingness-Awareness-Existence.

Humanity is stretching once again. We are barely fifteen years into the first decades of this millennium and what will prove to be a cycle of categorical paradigm shifts in all forms of human endeavor. Why? Because of vibration and resonance. The stretching of mind, thought, and meditation, of sought for resolution, and the determination to make restitution to the new generations for a world raped and troubled, these demands require that humanity expand beyond the paradigms of isolation, separation, individual, and individuated. Vibration knows no bounds. It pervades through space, is unstopped by walls, is only relatively diminished by distance, and is telepathically or intuitively registered by a child, dog, or tree. Vibration IS resonance and its resonating fields.

I am excited to create and offer a series of 4-week online courses on Vibrational Excellence. Each of the courses provides an exploration of a set of fundamental metaphysical or ancient wisdom principles together with the work of scientists, physicists, and creative thinkers. My intention is to display the wave of paradigm revolution that is gaining momentum within the human experience and your/my place and role within that.

We know that change is the only solution. And, as humanity has provided for itself before, the agents of change are arising from within our ranks. Be a part of the revolution by coming to know yourself as vibration: resonant with existence – macrocosmic and microcosmic. Understand the Law and the truth behind the Spirit Fire’s motto: Change yourself, change the world.

_1793721.jpgVibrational Excellence 1: Your vibrational spiral begins Wednesday, May 28. Visit Spirit Fire’s website for details.

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