Humanity: the planetary throat center – part 1

The Master DK suggests that humanity is the planetary throat center. This is a reference to the classical seven chakra model and that humanity is directly related to an expression of the throat chakra. The throat chakra is a wheel of creation, therefore, one needs to ask, “What planetary scale creation is being referenced by Master DK? I suggest that the reference is to humanity itself.

  • Humanity is the youngest kingdom on Earth. Throat chakra is indicating that the cosmic Word of Creation – the unwordable, non-verbal vibration of designed intention – is cycling through an epoch of planetary creativity and that humanity is the intended creation. This is similar to the epoch when the first single celled organisms formed in the seas of early Earth and as significant as the first seed born from the first plant that would create the next plant which would create oxygen on Earth for evolution to become possible.
  • The throat chakra reference is a reminder that humanity (like all creation) is “the Word made flesh.” In other words, we are waves of vibration inclusive of the slower vibration of dense form. Each pulse of the human heart is a sonic reassertion of the primordial vibrational design. The design is of self-aware Awareness – with the understanding that Awareness is self-same as all Existence.

ghosts_by_lovielovetree-d7s1pu2There are layers of distinction to this cosmic intention making the creation and maturation of the human kingdom as radical and daring as the creation and maturation of the previous kingdoms on Earth. To begin with, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms are actually the demonstration of devic orchestration of vibration and forces. Devas from some cosmic pure land state are the original seed of formulation within the construct of Mother Earth. They, then, according to the processes by which they mature and evolve, offered their awareness as the medium of substantialization (the manifestation of substance).

Awareness is all there is – it is the plenum, the void, the vacuum, the vibration. Awareness is akasha, fohat, intention, prakriti, and purusha. There only is Awareness. Being all there is or can be, we can understand it as the wave of continuity that conducts itself in various ways at various levels or stages of vibration. As such, devic awareness is substance just as human awareness is substance. Deva experiences awareness when creating and sustaining a created manifestation. As such, in order to “know” themselves and their awareness, devic beingness offered to become the organizing manifesting agent for the expressions of Earth’s aeonal cosmic intention. This tells us that the three older kingdoms were created from within the vibrational ranges of form (most of which are not dense) by the devic ranks in order to accomplish both their evolution and cosmic service.

mystic_jewels_by_atrixfromice-d35nrauHumanity is an experiment of a different order. Humanity is born from an additional parentage: deva and cosmic Awareness itself. Deva supplied the initial structure of incarnated form while cosmic Awareness is the always experience of cosmic or universal limitlessness. Thus, the parentage is purposeful limitation (construct) and infinite Void. As such, part of the experiment of the human kingdom is a specifically constructed sense of duality – one that the older kingdoms do not experience. How is that? Their manifestation IS their experience of Awareness. For human beings (until realization of reason of Being), manifestation is a construct perceived as reality. With the Self-Realization of Voidness of self (which is the same as saying voidness of perception) self-identified reality gives way to limitless Awareness and Awareness as inseparable from Existence. In other words, the ultimate state is actually similar to the lower kingdoms – manifestation IS their experience of Awareness – but the distinction of the human kingdom is that manifestation will be lived through the spectrum of cosmic vibration as expressed on Earth with the experience of Existence as pure and non-dualized Awareness.

The short version: on Earth there are kingdoms born of the intention to express the harmony that is Awareness through the manifestation of completely interdependent life forms. Awareness is ONE, therefore its expressions must and can only demonstrate the same. And on Earth there are kingdoms expressing the nature of Awareness-Being. These non-materialized kingdoms (the sublime Hierarchies) are like the quantum forces: imperceptible yet ever present. And then there is the human kingdom, the middle point, that which has qualities of both divine intentions, and is destined to manifest something additional to the other two emphases. Which brings us back to the throat center.

The throat chakra reference is also a reminder of the Law of Vibration – that all thought, desire, will, and action are vibration; and that vibration is the causative agent in cosmos. It is the mechanism that causes Appearance and Manifestation to appear, such that Awareness can understand that IT is creator-being. In the case of humanity, part of the purpose of the human kingdom is the full realization that Awareness IS Existence and that Existence IS Awareness. These are one, not two, and a human being is not a constructed form but is Awareness fully cognizant as Awareness expressing.

vishuddha__throat_chakra_by_paintmyworldrainbow-d7gy2rr (1)The throat center gives voice to something. That sound seems to go out from a person and dissipate in the air. Yet, this is energetically not so. All vibration is energy in motion.  Throat chakra is the center of creative processes on all levels – a wormhole of unconstrained proportions. It’s location in the human constitution signals this unconstrained quality. It is just below the head centers, aligned with both the pineal gland and the alta major, yet is uppermost within the corporeal form of the human body. This configuration is reporting that the throat center (and that which it represents) is aloof from the limitations of materialization and revelatory of the essential Truths of Being: a human being is pure Awareness (pineal) causative of the vibrational fluctuations that create self-made reality and self-determined awareness (alta major).

Therefore, when the Master DK tells us that humanity is the planetary throat center, he is suggesting layers of profound consideration. We’ll take up more on this subject in a short series of articles.

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