Meditation: smooth

One wonders if meditation practice began with humanity? No, probably not. For instance, the ancient Indian texts say that the gods meditate and have done so forever. Tribal and indigenous stories include the meditation of the gods and spirits, too (gods meaning non-gender, any polarity of energy).

They and we experience duality. They and we create that which is beneficent and that which is malevolent. While duality rules the mind or consciousness, issues will have to be addressed. Why? because we create them.

The attributes of innate, smooth, translucent, transparent vibrancy express the foundation of nonduality. Smooth has no partitions, thus no duality. Transparent is clear beyond directions and reference points. Vibrancy is not in this corner of awareness nor in another because smoothness indicates that there are no corners and, due to purity, translucent, luminous clarity pervades.

Duality is a temporary by-product of mis-identification. This is so of our sense of self, the projected sense of other, and all manner of identifying. The evidence of being “temporary”  is the fluidness of thoughts, emotions, and everything that is identified. These change; they come and go as do our emotions and relationships with these things, people, and events.

One feature of nonduality is its very lack of division. It is smooth, equal, same. Distinctions are the result of wanting identity to be identifiable. In other words, the habit of desire is focused on specifics (chocolate, lover, a TV show, a sunny day); desire and duality are always together. Equality, equanimity, evenness, ease of emotions and mind are demonstrations of nonduality. How is that? Remember, non-dual is not a negation of dual but is the embrace of all into Whole, into non separate.

* I forgot to record this morning’s meditation. How perfect! Recorded or non-recorded is equal. As a practitioner, one knows how to sit in evenness. The textures of it are its own insight.

Enjoy your sitting and your day of noticing the temporariness of identifications, notice the changeable, fluid quality of what you identify and the coloration or projections put onto the person or thing. Then, immediately soften and open. To what? everything!

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