You know about the Electric Universe model, right?

If, not, here’s the tutorial.

Our cosmological view is rapidly changing. The deep space telescopes, comet probes, and laboratory plasma experiments are forcing the correction of certain astro-physics fictions. The world isn’t flat, and we are intricately connected to everything.

I’ve posted this video before, but want to keep spreading the word. Electric Universe.

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2 Responses to You know about the Electric Universe model, right?

  1. Maureen Smith says:

    Just viewed this Donna. Mind blowing! Gorgeous. Revelatory. Just sent it out to 3 people. Thank you!


    • Yes, not only is the movie well made, but clearly the information leaves little doubt that it is time for a significant shift in understanding. I deeply appreciate that the Electric Universe model provides for what the ancient teachings, mystics, and meditators have always maintained – that all existence is intimately and intricately connected. All is one whole – dynamically interwoven and thriving as such.

      The next shift in understanding is also gathering ground and interested thinkers: that humanity has been in functioning civilizations for far longer than the prevailing model contends. Current humanity is not the pinnacle of expression – at least not in many ways. I thrill with the shifting paradigms!


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