Meditation: imagine

We use the creative imagination throughout our day. Children do, too. Getting dressed, thinking ahead, conjuring a meal, or wishing that all beings awaken are examples. Creative imagining is also a strong ingredient of worry or anxiety, jealousy and competition.  Children learn best when visualizing, trying something out, or play acting what is being learned are included. Unstructured play, which was mostly what we did when I was a kid and that my children largely had, uses every manner of creative imagining.

Creative imagination is a component of the inner voice used for instructing one’s self in meditation techniques. Whether the instruction is steadfast attention, to soften and open, to elevate the mind slightly, or to alight the heart, all require the creative imagination. Using it blurs the lines of reality for the child, the person worried or choosing a gift for someone, as well as the meditator. But, “use your duality,” is what I say!

This week’s addition in our four-step meditation experiment is a lotus throne for meditation. Today’s sitting required some explanation at the beginning of the podcast. The rest of the week very little will be needed.

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