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Leo Full Moon meditation: the Lion’s Roar

This half hour guided meditation focuses on the bold bravery of being constant in one’s light, and the results to all of life when one is so. The Lion’s Roar of pure Being can express in many ways, some silently … Continue reading

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The Full Moon: location, location, location

I have been reflecting on Gemini as the sign of the Twins, brothers and sisters, and the many faces of one thing. My contemplations been supported by the creation of a new online class: Vibrational Excellence. In class we are … Continue reading

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Pluto-Sirius 3: layers – The Law of Correspondences

The Master DK repeatedly points to the Law of Correspondences. His directive is to notice the analogous nature of various levels of an energy in expression. As one takes on the Master’s instructions, one finds the Wisdom of Sameness. The … Continue reading

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What is important about a Full Moon?

The Tibetan master, DK, tells us that the full moon cycle is a five-day period: two days before, the day of the full moon, and two days following. Aligning with this, many people increase their meditations for the five days. … Continue reading

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Short Pisces Thoughts

Spirit Fire will host and I will lead a Pisces Full Moon meditation on Monday night, February 25 at 8 p.m. ET. Click here to get in. But in preparation, listen to the short Pisces thoughts from last year’s Pisces … Continue reading

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