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The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation

For thousands of years, the primary posture for meditation has been the lotus or half lotus position. One could wonder if that is simply because people sat on the ground Indian-style for the most part. But, in fact, there are … Continue reading

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August Full Moon Meditation

After a short visual introduction, you are invited to click this link for the Full Moon Meditation.        August Full Moon Meditation The guided meditation aligns us through the heart of invocation and emanation, the ajna center of clarity and receptivity, … Continue reading

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Aldebaran, Antares, and the full moon cycle

This full moon cycle is mirrored by a celestial alignment. Astronomically, the Sun is in the Bull (Taurus) and the Moon will be in Scorpius (the Scorpion) for the full moon. Interestingly, primary star systems within the same two constellations … Continue reading

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Pluto-Sirius 3: layers – The Law of Correspondences

The Master DK repeatedly points to the Law of Correspondences. His directive is to notice the analogous nature of various levels of an energy in expression. As one takes on the Master’s instructions, one finds the Wisdom of Sameness. The … Continue reading

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Pluto-Sirius 2: exactitude in a new age

Ultimately, all that matters is experience – personal direct experience. In the case of Pluto-Sirius, it is the experience of Will, Purpose, Transformation, Awareness-Moment. The energetic of the new cycles in which we find ourselves is Relation. The millennium of … Continue reading

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