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June Full Moon Meditation

At one point in Earth’s history, the plant kingdom was new and was the newest form of evolution on Earth. Humanity is that now (and has been for quite some time). We are a new evolution on Earth. Understanding this … Continue reading

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Aldebaran, Antares, and the full moon cycle

This full moon cycle is mirrored by a celestial alignment. Astronomically, the Sun is in the Bull (Taurus) and the Moon will be in Scorpius (the Scorpion) for the full moon. Interestingly, primary star systems within the same two constellations … Continue reading

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Uranus and Pluto square this week: 2

From guest author, friend and colleague, Joy Om One of the most important things happening on the planet astrologically now is a series of dynamic aspects between the 2 major planets of change and transformation – Uranus and Pluto. They … Continue reading

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