Aldebaran, Antares, and the full moon cycle

Note: this is an old post (March 31, 2015). The information is worthwhile though the alignment is past.

This full moon cycle is mirrored by a celestial alignment. Astronomically, the Sun is in the Bull (Taurus) and the Moon will be in Scorpius (the Scorpion) for the full moon. Interestingly, primary star systems within the same two constellations are also in opposition: Antares in Scorpius and Aldebaran – the eye of the Bull – in the Bull.

Antares means “not Ares”. It indicated to the early sky watchers that this reddish star was not the planet Mars (Ares). However, the deeper meaning is that in Scorpio, one is to transcend the Mars rulership of Scorpio and move into the higher functioning of the sign. The animals associated with Scorpio portray this evolution.

  • Lowest Scorpio, symbolized by the scorpion, is secretive, aggressive when engaged and dangerous when cornered. Isolating and cautious, the Mars quality is that of needing help from no one – independent, self-existing, and contrary.
  • Snake, like scorpion, is limited to the ground and therefore to small views with little perspective. Still isolative and cautious, remaining dangerous when cornered and aggressive when engaged, snake-Scorpio will lift its torso off the ground in order to size things up. Doing so, aggression might be withheld, a pause can change the interaction. Mars is the ability to stand just as it is the ability to fight.
  • At some point the consistent arising of snake from its belly on the ground to its torso and head in the air magically transforms the Scorpio character. Now perspective is desired, stoicism replaces reaction while the qualities of isolation remain. Sharp poisoned fangs – words that hurt – become sharp talons on scaly legs. Eagle is born. But eagle is a raptor – not to be cornered, precise in every way. However, eagle rides the thermals and is unbothered by much in life, perspective is constant, and relativity with emotions and lower concerns is established. Now this person is on the Path of Awareness. He or she is painfully aware of what is unredeemed and unrelenting within his or her nature. Soaring above these tendencies does not serve – and the native knows that. Only raptor-like engaging of the deep borrows of the psyche will unearth the true quarry: the regal sense of self.
  • Phoenix arises from its own ashes. This is highest Scorpio and represents the full engaging of the spiritual path and thereby the eradication of any sense of separate me. All of Mars strength now has become strength of character and the scalpel of precision has become the flaying knife of Awareness. Scorpio surrenders ego and is reborn free.

Aldebaran – the Eye of the Bull – in Taurus restates the idea of perspective, clarity, and of  perceptions that hold us in duality; that is until “thine eye is single.” Then, epitomized by the Buddha, all intentions and seeking are bent on one thing: Truth of Being. The bull will takes its time but will also overpower any obstacle. Those hindrances are within the desire nature itself which scatters our forces, money, time, and convictions. The eye is not single when a person is living according to desires. But, as the fixed cross makes the life increasingly discontented by the focus on outer satisfaction, the inner moments of peace and beauty call. We are coming into focus. Priorities are being rectified, the bull is being harnessed.

These two celestial points call humanity away from aggression and personal gratification. They point out the small or no-mindedness of living according to the sting or venom and then slinking away as well as to living according to the whims of fancy and desire for desire sake. It is time for light – for humanity to step onto the Path as one unified whole. With the humanity’s focus directed on will as the instrument of compassion (thine eye is single), all fields of human endeavor will be newly plowed, burrows of the psyche plumbed, and we can arise from our current ashes illumined.

Spirit Fire offers a online full moon meditation each full moon. Join us on Tuesday at 8 pm ET. Please register for the link. Also the YouTube of last month’s full moon meditation focused on Taurus is available. By some reckonings of the stars this is the Taurus/Scorpio full moon celebrated as Saga Dawa by Buddhists and by other reckonings this is the Gemini/Sagittarius full moon celebrated as the Festival of Goodwill.

* In the graphic below, Aldebaran is indicated by the radiating circle on the Bull’s brow and Antares is the bright star on the head of the Scorpion. (Double click on the graphic to enlarge it.)

Full Moon June 2, 2015 copy

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