Pluto-Sirius 2: exactitude in a new age

Ultimately, all that matters is experience – personal direct experience. In the case of Pluto-Sirius, it is the experience of Will, Purpose, Transformation, Awareness-Moment. The energetic of the new cycles in which we find ourselves is Relation. The millennium of 2 heralds this. It will be embodied through the Aquarian Age which extends beyond the new millennium. That Age overlaps with the Dwapara Yuga of integral living. Additionally, coming in during the first 100 years of this new millennium are the 7th Ray of Orientation and the 4th Ray of Integral Relatedness which is Conscious Awareness.

Pluto is one of the transpersonal planets in astrology. The insistence with those planets is the individual’s increasing relation to the wholes of which one is a part, but not simply as a cog, instead as a conscious participant on all scales. Pluto, particular among the transpersonal planets, provides unconditional Awareness of such through the experience of the ineffectuality of personal will.

Sirius reminds us to look up. It is a factual call to humanity that displays in the heavens, is reported through the Ageless Wisdom, and is experienced immediately each time a person simply looks up.

  • In the night sky, Sirius seems to trail behind Orion, giving the impression that the light of Awareness comes after the majesty of Will. Yet the new age is one of “yes-and.” The new millennium requires that divisiveness in humanity’s mind be dissolved, such that appearances of distance or size or might or majesty evaporate. They were only creations of the mind to begin with. Sirius is this light of recognition.
  • The Ageless Wisdom gives that Sirius is a source for Will and Purpose, intention and design related to the reasons of being for Planet Earth and the Solar System. Therefore, as disciples we learn to look up along the antahkarana through the various magnitudes of conscious awareness such as soul, Solar Angel, Hierarchy and the Brotherhood, Shamballa and the Great Lodge, to Sirius and the Blue Lodge. Yet the practitioner of the Path also knows that one’s training is in how to effect right impulse in the life. The idea of a dog, for the Dog Star Sirius, is interesting in this regard.  Feet on the ground, trained in occult obedience, the work simply gets done; and does so because of the Plutonian experience of the ineffectiveness of self-will.
  • Altitude, detachment, and perspective are what one gains every time one looks up, stares into the sky, lifts one’s eyes from whatever work one is doing, or looks into the eyes of another.

The first 25 years the new millennia is rich with celestial events. These event-energetics  were seeded before time was recognized. In the flawlessness of cosmic awareness, they are not even seeds but are the flow of perfection displaying. But for we who must be reminded to look up every once in a while, we who must train in alignment and dedication, for us these event-energetics were seeded so that the new millennium will unfold and produce a tangibly new human dynamic.

Many world calendars  and cultures foretold a new age and the passage of the old ways of thinking, acting, and being. Pluto is the skull cup of the mind and its contents emptied, the dragon of potency released as a result, and the elixir of nowness that stabilizes as the new draught in the skull cup of the mind. Though Uranus is usually considered the planet of newness, a case can be made for Pluto as Uranus-plus. This is due to the unrelenting pressure, the inescapable grip, and deep rumble of unstoppable power that is Awareness-Being. Awareness-Being is the only Will, the only Purpose, the only Ground. This is why Pluto comes up from the ground, opens the ground, collapses the ground (volcano, earthquake, sinkhole). Through these, Pluto’s terrestrial power signifies something more: “The ground of all is uncomposed, an inexpressible self-arisen expanse without the names samsara and nirvana …” (The Aspiration of Samantabhadra) In other words, the new (and always only) way of being is as this Ground, which is why personal will is ineffective. In one’s horoscope, Pluto brings intensity to everything it aspects because it signifies this Being-ground. In one’s chart, Pluto unrelentingly transforms that which it aspects precisely because the planet aspected is to be lived only as the Ground which “is uncomposed,” “a self-arisen expanse” without any assignations. As such – microcosmically and macrocosmically, Pluto rumbles deep Truth causing collective reality to quake, crumble, and fall away so that the power of the Real is established as Ground-Awareness, which brings us back to Sirius.

“(This) … will give you a general idea of the significant connection between our unimportant little planet and that vast expression of divinity – the Life which is manifesting through Sirius; it is an expression which is organized and vital beyond anything man can vision and which is free to a completely unlimited extent, again beyond the power of man to comprehend. The principle of freedom is a leavening energy which can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of the influence which Sirius exerts on our solar system and particularly on our planet. ….

“It is the principle of freedom which … provides a ‘pathway of power’ between our Hierarchy and the distant sun, Sirius, and gives the incentive toward the ‘culture of freedom’ or of liberation which motivates the work of the Master of the Wisdom. … This mysteriously ‘exerted influence’, this ‘pulling away’ from form emanates from Sirius and for it we have no name; it is the law of which the three cosmic laws –the Laws of Synthesis, of Attraction, and of Economy–are only aspects.” The Rays and the Initiations pg. 416-17

The power of the Pluto-Sirius alignment lies in Pluto as the unmitigated force of highest Truth-Will-Being in relation to the reason for being of all on Planet Earth. The fractal reiterations of this alignment through the layers of one’s livingness are significant:

  • Let Pluto destabilize the perceived reality that one abides in. If that conception is predicated upon pairs with parts, no freedom lies there. Sirius’ directive commands the might of Pluto to dissolve this fallacious ground such that we discover the yes-and of complete interdependence. To live such is to live intensely, as Pluto conveys in a chart and as alignment to the radiant Real also brings.
  • Pluto-Sirius are octaves of the same unwordable influence. The Master writes, “The principle of freedom is a leavening energy which can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of the influence which Sirius exerts on our solar system and particularly on our planet. ….” (from the quote above)  In other words, this alignment (first of three) is a grand yes-and to be considered and applied in every way possible.
  • Humanity’s current livingness is Plutonian, yet humanity longs for and responds to the higher light – Sirius – or the Sirian influences within our nature.
  • Then, by relation of poles and their constant interplay, humanity is Pluto, Hierarchy is Sirius, Shamballa is Pluto, Sirius is itself. This local electric universe circuitry ensures the ongoing establishing of the Ground of Being as ground Awareness-Will.

The heralds of the new age, including the portents in the celestial sky, describe humanity’s awakening to its innate potential once again. The Pluto-Persephone myth reminds us of the darkness that the bright maiden cyclically enters. Humanity is that maiden. Our collective forgetfulness of greatness, oneness, and profound awareness is represented by the allegorical darkness of Hades’ world. During those cycles (Kali Yuga, for example), we create from pain and incompleteness. Yet, the celestial events and incoming Ray cycles, like deja vu, make humanity look again. Somehow this newness is recognizable, already indelibly known, and it must be so. Pluto represents the first Law of the Soul: to  give, to sacrifice, born as this law is from the one great principle of Freedom. Acting in anyway contrary to that initial life impulse brings misery. Sirius reminds us that freedom was that choice and lies in living according to it. The alignment of Pluto-Sirius is not one of darkness and light but of light and light which also is the way of new age.

To live such requires the exactitude of uncompromised Will and Awareness such that each member of the collective is truly a vibrant aspect of the interdependence of life. Again, Pluto strikes. The New Age is not a shangri-la but a dismembering of all levels of falsity: personal, collective, ideological. As the Master points out, “… it is an expression which is organized and vital beyond anything man can vision and which is free to a completely unlimited extent, again beyond the power of man to comprehend.” (from the quote above) What cannot be envisioned or comprehended is due to the choice of what to vision and comprehend. We live an interesting time of information readily available and yet inadequate collective inquiry into truth. Those that do are subjected to a modern version of a witch trial. Pluto-Sirius hold true whether in a perceived celestial alignment or not. Pluto, then, marks the method of incisive investigation into what is truly real as humanity engages the new millennium and new Age. Sirius, since it was first honored by the Ancients, marks the horizon that humanity must engage: its own event-horizon. There are no black holes, there is no hell, there is only ourselves and that which we create and deem as real. This is what Relation factually means and what the principle of freedom point to, as well. Pluto-Sirius signify this truth and call us to our direct experience.

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