Pluto-Sirius 3: layers – The Law of Correspondences

The Master DK repeatedly points to the Law of Correspondences. His directive is to notice the analogous nature of various levels of an energy in expression. As one takes on the Master’s instructions, one finds the Wisdom of Sameness. The February full moon cycle is replete with layers of sameness expressing through various celestial configurations and alignments. Like ruling planets of signs, their energies are the same –and only different in level or emphasis.

The factor of alignment is where to begin. Alignment is relation. It is the creation of a resonance, ultimately with the purpose of a new One born from the relation of two or more. The cosmic Child-principle is produced or caused to demonstrate over and over again through relation. Relation, itself, is not a manifestation of duality, rather it is one of the smooth non-interrupted contiguous nature of Isness.* This truth and its principle lie behind goodness and evil. Goodness is the expression of a vibrant life enhancing relatedness. Evil is the denial of livingness and freedom, i.e. interrupted therefore blockage. Evil is to use relation for limitation or to cause the experience of limitation in any way. The latter is a contrivance of ignorance, and in the now – an instance of experienced evil/limitation – is the experience of duality-separateness. Yet, to quote The Aspiration of Samantabhadra, “The ground of all is uncomposed, an inexpressible self-arisen expanse without the names samsara or nirvana …”** Alignment, then, is every instance of the experience of micro or macrocosmic smooth uninterrupted vibration. Yet, because Awareness is Experience and experience is awareness, vibration is simply the texture of relation. This is Samantabhadra again – making known the Wisdom of Sameness and its mirror-like quality.

The factor of alignment has our attention this full moon cycle.

  • the lunar-solar alignment of a full moon
  • the complementarity of the signs of the Sun and Moon
  • Pluto-Sirius alignment
  • Jupiter in Leo
  • Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.

Each of these is like a wave on the ocean where, though it is one ocean, countless waves are experienced. Similarly so, the energetic being offered this full moon cycle is one: Awareness-Being. The waves of energy are recognizable as Will-Purpose. Alignment is a word the singular-oriented mind uses when it recognizes flow. The idea of related poles stems from the same mind that holds the idea of beginnings and endings.

We can interact with or align to these emanations as light to light. In our mind, we hold the distinction that one pole is conditioned by limitation (us) and the other is limitless (for example, Sirius). Yet, both express the freedom quoted from Master DK in article #2 of this series. Instead of limited and limitless, the more correct understanding of the source of the distinction is that one is bound by the illusion of self-limitation (us) while the other sings the glory of “I am that Self, that Self am I:” sameness, mirror-like, wave-ocean.

Either lunar or solar pole can report the limitations of the construct of self. When lunar is the nexus of self, self-awareness waxes and wanes. Purposefulness is registered through the accomplishment of security satiety, or comfort. Being is doing. Form is life.  When the solar pole is the nexus of self, self-awareness seeks a more consistent expression of its light expressing as capacities. The goal for both is to come to Awareness as Purpose. In order to do so, the lunar and solar tendencies of a person must be increasingly lived as the expression of Being. As a result, personal will – driven by satiety, comfort, and the false security of form and predictability – is subsumed by Will; Will being the embodiment of Awareness. Purpose, then, is no longer single-self driven, nor waxes or wanes (“not increasing, not decreasing” The Prajnaparamita) Purpose, then through Sun and Moon, is recognized as Awareness: Awareness is the cosmic purpose on every scale.

The complementarity of the signs that the Sun and Moon are in during any full moon cycle are necessary to each other. They are Father-Mother of that which is more than the sum of their attributes. The complementing signs are also mirror to each other. By common astrology, this full moon has the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo.*** Every sign can express the limitations of self-ideation but since the Moon is in Leo, it holds that pole in this relation (on the common level of expression). On the common level, the Sun in Aquarius represents the pole of a widened expression of Awareness-Being along with the exploration of expanded qualities of human beingness. Through this, we discover the vibrations and tendencies of other-oriented and self-oriented. With this recognition comes that interdependence-interconnectedness is the expression of purpose and thus reveals that self-orientation is the path of limitation for all.

Moving on to Pluto and Sirius, commonly, Pluto holds the pole of self-orientation, of the malevolence of enforced limitation, and of the imprisoning of light. Sirius commonly holds the pole of light expressing, light awakened, and the freedom of awareness. On that turn of the spiral, the sameness spoken of above follows through. Yet there is also the deeper meaning of both Pluto and Sirius and, thus, to their relation.

  • Pluto is voidness, the profound Unconditioned. Pluto represents that which is so inconceivable as to be frightening, so ineffable as to render the mind mute, and so powerful as to be rapacious. Mythologically, the abduction of Persephone by Hades is often called “the rape of Persephone” conveying the rapacious, consuming, obliterating experience of Awareness-Voidness-Infinitude-Being. Pluto, then, is the light beyond the speed of light, hence its rendering as darkness. Pluto – the great dragon of transformation – IS the light of enlightenment as well as its experience. Highest Pluto is the categorical overturning of reality as one has experienced it for eons. It is the complete realization of the dream, the mirror, and self-made replication of duality and limitation.
  • On this turn of the spiral, Sirius represents the bodhisattva pledge to live on the edge of enlightenment but stay within the realms of duality. This is possible because of the awareness of voidness and, thereby, of complete always present interdependence. Sirius is ONE that is two. It represents the established realization of non-duality of the bodhisattva. Though not limited by the concept of otherness, the bodhisattva is aware of the suffering of those who reify the construct of self and its limitations.
  • Sirius also is the sheerness of the light of enlightenment: blazing light. As such then, Sirius represents and distributes the cosmic principle from which freedom derives, as Master DK offered in The Rays and Initiations quoted in #2 of this series. In this way, Pluto and Sirius are the sameness of inconceivable unfettered Awareness-Being and the sheer light of enlightenment.

Jupiter in Leo echo the same themes. In one respect, Jupiter refers to that which satisfies: the comforts of form and the security of density. Leo goes right along with this being enamored of the same. But once Jupiter or Leo has turned the corner from self-luxuriating – including wallowing in one’s misery and self-made drama – then both Jupiter and Leo represent light. Jupiter brings the lightness of heart and the expansion of mind through spiritual inquiry and philosophical contemplation. The wider considerations of others with Santa Claus-like activities of care and altruism express through elevated Jupiter. Similarly so, Leo represents the expansive heart, the warmth of the spirit of kindness, generosity, and benevolent leadership. Once again, the theme comes around to light and light.

The more one contemplates this full moon cycle and its factors, the more one sees. Yet, in the end, they reduce to one: Light and Light, in other words Awareness-Being and Will-Purpose or said equally Voidness-Infinity and Freedom-Interdependence.

* This quality of supreme Awareness-Being is Manjushri in Tibetan Buddhism. His name means “smooth glory,” or “uninterrupted majesty.”

** from Pluto-Sirius 2: exactitude of the new age

*** I want to acknowledge that astronomically the Sun is in the constellation the Goat, Capricorn, and the Moon is in the constellation of the Crab. This is not in agreement with what tradition or common astrology says. According to the system that is prevalent and most widely known, February is the month of Aquarius and its full moon is in Leo. Therefore, both constructs must be contemplated.

Here is the podcast of the Full Moon meditation given live on February 3. This is a meditation in purpose. It’s energetics hold true regardless of dates and visible appearances in the sky.

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  1. Nancy Connally says:


  2. herongrace says:

    “Pluto- the great dragon of transformation” ..Strange 2 mornings ago, 24 hours before the Leo full moon, I was dreaming I was wandering around outside market stalls saying to someone..”keep an eye out for dragons!” meaning available artifacts, art works. I later thought it was strange as I have never dreamt of anything to do with dragons before.

    • That’s a great story! My guess is that you and most people you know are experiencing the ground of Reality this year. The astrological configurations call us to what is real instead of merely the stories that we tell ourselves. That constant newness (reality) is what this new age will be. Yeah!

      • herongrace says:

        Thanks! The rally against B.S. is happening. We are over it! With a few planets new degrees and signs, It’s all feeling a bit raw yet, but hopefully, it eventually smooths out and we fix the problems.

        • Hi again! Do you know that Manjushri’s name means “smooth glory”? Your comment made me think of the quality of unruffled, smoothed out, at ease. Astrological and cosmological energies are always trying to focus our attention on the larger views of life. As we do, we get relativity and how frames of reference become limiting boxes of thought. Don’t you find that the rawness is the opening-the-box process?

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