The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom: pervasive omnipotent all-expressing

hs-2015-29-a-xlarge_webThe Master DK states that the current great unfathomable aeon is qualified by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This statement reports that Love-Wisdom is the only qualifying energy in cosmos through the incalculable measure of manifestation that humans call time and a mahamanvantara. As the supreme quality and the only essential substance of “all that appears and exists”1, the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom demonstrates itself through vibrational and energetic emanations that create. Create what? Everything, subtle and dense, as well as the entire spectrum between. To quote:

“Source of manifold emanation cycles, supreme nature of all entities, encompassing the nature of all entities, this unborn dharma (reality of being) exhibits endless variations.”2

This one pervasive tone, though creating all manifestation, is also demonstrating through all that has been caused to appear and appears to exist. This one quality is space, is the energy and dynamic capacity of space, and is the methods whereby all existence participates in space. This reality is one vital meaning behind H. .P. Blavatsky’s statement that “space is an entity.” Yes this is so, but not as in entified, but rather as ontic: as source. The Manjushri Tantra puts it this way:

“ultimate truth that is unassailable, which takes on forms of diverse capacities and a richly diverse continuum of consciousness …”3

Space to be understood as the space in front of your face, as the space of the sky, the space that is not filled with words, as well as the great cosmic expanses measure in light-years. Light-year is an abstract quantity that has no true meaning, however, the space in front on one’s face right now is not an abstraction. It is viable, present, and gives one the sense of location and of presence. Space also is a quality of unadorned or unencumbered awareness.

What is the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom? How can we know it? To the second question, we cannot know it in its supreme ineffable quality and nature. It is beyond any conceptualization. “Arising from within, it is unborn, free of linguistic formulation.”4 It is, therefore, “the supreme cause of all expression and makes all words (thoughts and conceptual formulations) utterly clear.”5 As to what the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom is, its name signals certain qualities, but we are encouraged to drop definitions of finite love or love related to personal desire or delight in order to enter the emanations of Love referenced in this name. Equally so with Wisdom. We are also to recognize that these are not two separate qualities, but one conjoined non-two whole quality of energy and essence for which there are no human words or ideas, and to which Love and Wisdom simply align.

This Love-Wisdom is the dynamic power that pervades all space and self-included existence. This power is an insistence: “unyielding, … with great ferocity, great wrath, terrifier of the most frightening.”6 This Love-Wisdom is the substrate quality behind all other qualities, no matter what they are. The Master DK gives a codification of seven primary emanations which are born from this supreme incomprehensible non-dual Love-Wisdom. They are the Seven Rays. They ray forth like light beam of design and holographic intention, but are simultaneously released as seven emanating vibrating qualities that pervade space and existence causing further emanations, further vibrations, further qualified expressions of existence.

The Seven Rays are:

  • The First Ray of Will and Power
    The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
    The Third Ray of Creative Active Intelligence
    The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict
    The Fifth Ray of Knowledge and Knowing
    The Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism
    The Seven Ray of Order

Life on Earth is directly and concretely a varied set of expressions of the Second Ray. Human existence is as well. Human history is marked and remembered by the teachings of Wisdom-Love, Love-Wisdom. Though fundamentally similar, the teachings of the Great Ones through the ages had distinction, thereby meeting the diverse needs of humanity as it learns that it, too, is an expression of Love-Wisdom.

For example,

  • Lao Tsu and the Tao te Ching is a First Ray presentation of the Love-Wisdom energetic.
  • The wonders of Lord Krishna is a Second Ray presentation of the subset or subray of Love-Wisdom.
  • Euclidean geometry, and it as the source of all subsequent iterations of relation as measure, relation as a container of space, shape and dimension as a method to both undo the ideas of form as well as to create the formulations of mental forms is a Third Ray presentation of Love-Wisdom.
  • The ancient teachings of Thoth, which pre-date all academic assumptions of his dates, gave humanity culture and the great systems of living harmoniously in all ways. His teachings are the source of virtue and inter-connectedness, cause and result that pervade all human philosophical systems. The teaching of Thoth is a Fourth Ray presentation of Love-Wisdom.
  • The great rishi Patanjali and his teaching, again more ancient than academics acknowledge, is the source of method, accurate methodology applied in order to determine evidence of the layers of reality in which all life abides. His methods are the mother-source for all human sciences without exception. Patanjali and his teaching is a presentation of the Fifth Ray of Knowledge and Knowing.
  • The sacrifice of a mother, in body, emotion, and spirit to the gestation, nursing, protection and development of a child is a presentation of the Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism. Equally so, the dedication and daring of a father to risk life and limb to provide for the needy family is also a presentation of the Sixth Ray.
  • The indigenous way of living, exemplified throughout human existence, is a presentation of the Seventh Ray of Order. The indigenous way of life is one acutely aware and observant of the natural processes of Life; in so doing it recognizes that one’s life is implicit and vital that the Whole in which one is a part.

The Master DK gave the teaching of the Seven Rays for the same reasons that the above examples gave their teachings and points of revelation: so that through those teachings humanity would develop. But that which is intended to develop is not ourselves, per se, but humanity as another vibrant cosmological expression of  the great Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The master did not give the teaching on the Rays for abstract reasons or for theoretical musing. This teaching is vital to a human being engaging in the exploration of implicit causative energetics within oneself, the evidence of which display and sound from every aspect of our being and particular life.

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  • See the webcast of the free online presentation introducing the subject on YouTube.

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