The Seven Rays and the Spiritual Path

Master_DK_bThe Master DK informs us that the spiritual path is a “graded series of revelations.” In other words, it is a process which builds upon itself, with each processive phase made possible only because we have experienced the previous stage, recognized in some measure what was being revealed – often – through common experiences, and have integrated that revelation into our mind-heart stream.

The spiritual path is also completely conditioned by the particular Ray that governs the specific part of the spiritual path that is our unfolding existence. The Master gives this information in a rather wide, big-picture manner, and therefore the student of the Science of the Seven Rays might not easily perceive the ray conditioning his or her Path; and someone not exposed to this science of energy and expression won’t pick up the archetypes at all.

Yet, this information is significant for anyone intending to walk the Walk intelligently and clearly.

My intention with the upcoming 4-week online course in the Science of the Seven Rays is to highlight three macro ways in which the Seven Rays are expressing every day in our lives.

  • within the natural world; for example the way plants grow and orient toward the sun (6th Ray), the way animals and plants collect together in herds, flocks, schools, groves, and meadows (2nd Ray), the intricate and detailed specificity of species of plants, animals, and environments (5th Ray), and such. The Rays demonstrate and manifest through everything! Everything in existence is presenting a Ray or combination of Rays. To learn how to determine these qualities manifesting in Nature ensures that we will be able to determine our personal Ray constitution correctly.
  • as the conditioning energies of the sections of the spiritual Path. Did you know that the spiritual Path has sections, cycles of emphasis? One’s point on the Path, and therefore one’s life, its repeated patterns, its particular opportunities, and the specific revelations, understandings, and transformations that we are to come to and embody are Rayed. This is a comprehensive subject, vast in its implications, and wide-spread in the life factors that are absorbed within it. Two sessions will be predicated upon it so that the student might more clearly understand one’s Path and how to produce its Ray-conditioning purpose effectively.
  • And lastly, the focus will be the Ray of the Soul. This requires talking about the Soul as esoterically understood, energetically empowered, and the Ray it is wielding with the intention of expressing through one’s life.

Please join me for this inexpensive, completely convenient short online course.

  • Students of the Rays: this is a rich opportunity to explore the Seven Rays in a new way and with new eyes. You will understand yourself and your Ray hypothesis far better as a result.
  • If you are brand new to the subject of the Seven Rays, then this is a perfect course to begin with precisely because it is macro in orientation. I have taught the subject of the Seven Rays and Esoteric Psychology since 1993 when I was invited to be part of the faculty of the University of the Seven Rays. The primary source of incorrect understanding and application of the Seven Ray information is personalization and not looking to the world around one for non-human examples of the Rays. The reason to do so is because the human kingdom is the youngest on the planet (even if millions of years old), and the older kingdoms express the Rays more purely. Their example help a person see the Ray simply as it expresses.

Join me. Each session of the online course is webcasted should time zone or responsibilities mean that you cannot be at the session live. Exploring the Seven Rays is to explore Life as it emanates and expresses on every level and in every possible demonstration of Life. Nature, the spiritual Path and the Ray of the Soul, therefore, one’s purpose are examples of the majesty and importance of this subject.


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