OM: The Science of Vibration

Mantras of the world are based upon the Science of Vibration. Mantras and words of power are encapsulations of supreme principles upon which evolution is based. In the Intermediate (second level) of The Practice of Living Awareness, we are in the cycle where we use a mantra for a few weeks, but not simply to recite it nor to use it for its common interpretation, but to engage it for its deeper meaning and thereby participate in the Science of Vibration.

The Master DK puts this science as an aspect of the Science of Sensitivity, also called the Science of Impression. It is upon this that systemic or macrocosmic telepathy is based. In other words, the impressionability of one being or collection of beings upon another, and the overall currents of energy and quality that are in constant cosmic flow between macrocosmic entities such as planets, constellations, Hierarchy-Shamballa-and Humanity for example.

One of the first points to comprehend in the Science of Vibration is that you are vibration; relationship is vibration; everyone and everything one perceives is vibration; in fact, all existence is vibration. This is literal. Not only is each thing, person, moment, and plexi of karma or dharma vibration, but all that is is a veritable soup or ocean of moving currents, eddies, and crests of vibration. If all existence is vibration, then Awareness is vibration. Ultimately, all mantras – no matter what their source – are trying to reveal to us or elicit from us an understanding of the vibrations of life.

In the meditation group, we are using OM MANI PADME HUM, though the Gayatri or another vibrationally sublime mantra could be used. In doing so, we are reminding ourselves:

  • that vibration is the source of all creation: OM;
  • that we are the source of all that we create: OM;
  • that we are, in fact, and OM manifesting.

MANI means jewel. Therefore,

  • when we look out to the world, we have the option to look at the world with eyes of value, appreciation, and the recognition of the precious quality of life and the expressions of life: MANI;
  • to notice the sparkle in everything: MANI.
  • When we look inside ourself, we have the same opportunity: to realize that every aspect of this incarnation is precious: MANI;
  • that we are fortunate beings to be human beings instead of some other form (such as an animal or plant): MANI,

PADME means lotus and lotuses unfold, they blossom. If one takes that into contemplation, some of understandings might be:

  • that we and all existence is in constant unfolding evolution: PADME.
  • Therefore, PADME invites us to look at ourselves with that question in mind. “Am I evolving? Am I changing, growing, transforming?” PADME

Lastly, HUM OR HUNG is an injunction to dare, to cut through, to be unstoppable in one’s spiritual evolution. As such, HUM is telling us that all existence has dared to BE. We, then, have the option to join in this primordial vibration of daring – in the insistence of Becoming/Being – and thus to hum the vibration of pure Being. In this way do we knowingly become the HUM, the Sound, the vibrating akashic note of pure Being. Thereby, do we end up back at OM – and the realization that we are creation, creator, vibration, and that all existence is this as well.

Mantra (Sanskrit) is derived from two words man which is part of manas which means mind, and tra which means to protect. Therefore, mantra is a tool to protect the mind from delusional thinking, from the fabrications that commonly clutter or obstruct the mind’s clarity and natural peace. Mantra also impresses us with the vibrations behind the words and their meanings.

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